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MPs demand to issue explicit attitude towards US drones
[Yemen Post] Yemeni members of parliament have demanded the ministers of defense and interiors to attend to the House of Representative in order to discuss US attacks of unmanned drones on Yemeni areas.

Ali Al-Ansi, a member of the Islah party, demanded the parliament presidency on a Monday session to set a day to discuss the US drone attacks.

Mohammad al-Hazmi, a representative of the Islah party, urged the parliament to have a bold attitude towards the violations of US drones of Yemeni soils, stressing that innocent Yemeni civilians were mistakenly killed.

Sadeq Al-Basha, of the General People Congress, had strongly criticized the attitude of the Yemeni government toward the drone strikes, affirming that extrajudicial killing is prohibited in all laws and legislations.Tribal leaders had complained unmanned drones repeatedly kill civilians in different governorates of Yemen, pointing out that US drones fly over some areas and they raise fears among population. Many Al-Qaeda Islamic fascisti including big shots have been targeted by US drones in Yemeni southern and southeastern regions in the past months. However,
a lie repeated often enough remains a lie...
US drones sometimes miss its target and kill civilians.

A US drone killed a suspected Al-Qaeda target in the Sanhan district southeast of Yemen's capital Sana'a last week.

Tribal sources affirmed that a US drone destroyed a car near the village killing a suspected Al-Qaeda operative and injuring another suspected bully boy.The killed was identified as Adnan Al-Qadi and the injured was taken to hospital, they continued.

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