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Gazooks go missile crazy
Terrorists from the Gaza Strip renewed their rocket-fire on southern Israel following the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense Wednesday night, which struck terrorist targets in the Palestinian enclave.

The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted 25 rockets, most of which were Grad rockets launched toward Beersheba. According to Police, a total of 83 projectiles were fired during the course of the evening.

Six rockets landed near Beersheba, one causing damage, and Channel 2 reported that for the first time, a rocket was fired toward Dimona, home to Israel's nuclear reactor. One rocket struck a house in Ashdod, and another damaged electric infrastructure in Eshkol.

MDA on Wednesday treated a total of 16 people for injury or shock after a bevy of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip struck Israeli territory. According to MDA, two people were lightly injured in Beersheba, one from shattered glass and the other from falling down the stairs. Fourteen more were treated for shock as well, 12 in Beersheba and two in Sderot.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that IDF operations wiped out most of the long-range Fajr rockets, which have the capability of reaching the center of the country and Tel Aviv.
Posted by:Steve White

#4  rammer

probably what you said is similar to the soddy thinking -- iiuc, they still haven't made a public statement on the conflict
Posted by: lord garth   2012-11-15 19:42  

#3  Probably just the beginning of a campaign to defeat Iran and its proxies in detail. Last month Israel smashed their logistics base in Sudan. Once Hamas is defeated, expect Israel to turn to Hezbollah. Once weapons and infrastructure there has been destroyed or degraded, then Israel can attack Iran directly.

Here we see the implementation of a classic, and strategic, plan to divide and defeat (note: not conquer) Israel's enemies.

Combined with harsh sanctions, entanglements in Syria, and covert actions against Iranian infrastructure, soon Iran will be broke, bereft, and (essentially) benign.

Thanks be to God.
Posted by: rammer   2012-11-15 19:16  

#2  updated total since beginning of IDF operation

280+ rockets fired from Gaza
250+ IDF strikes in Gaza

3 civilian deaths in Israel
~10 Hamas, 2 Islmc Jhd deaths in Gaza
~8 other deaths in Gaza (some may be Hamas logistic or other auxiliary)

On Diplomatic side US and UK have been supportive of Israel. Egypt is fuming, Syria issued perfunctory anti Israel statement, Hamas is, thru the Egyptians and the PA, appealing to the UN to make it stop (which is a sign that they are hurting)
Posted by: lord garth   2012-11-15 14:11  

#1  total since Wed is as of an hour ago about 250+

Britain came out with a statement, about 6 hours ago, that blamed the conflict on Hamas.

No info yet on what the saudis,etc. are thinking. They are somewhat conflicted in that they suspect Hamas of helping Iran.
Posted by: lord garth   2012-11-15 09:22