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Syrian Tanks Enter Golan Heights DMZ, Israel Military Warns
Posted by:tipper

#6  IIUC, the protocols that Israel follows do allow Israel to fire at tanks that enter the DMZ but only if the tanks take a threatening posture or actually cross the border.
Posted by: lord garth   2012-11-03 19:52  

#5  What bugs me about the site is that you can disregard some 4/5 of what they say, but what if there's only 10% truth and the 4/5 is there as expendable propaganda to get you to swallow the remaining 10% lies along with 10% of the truth?

It's just too damn much fucking work for people who are lying to you anyway.
Posted by: Thing From Snowy Mountain   2012-11-03 19:13  

#4  I read ZH because they are Hayakians who love to rip the current Keynesian dogma to pieces. Politically they tend towards Ron Paul and most work in the finance industry, which generally is the focus of their mirth.
Posted by: tipper   2012-11-03 16:27  

#3  Read ZH for the finance news. For politics it's a disaster. Full of Progressive anti-semites.
Posted by: Hellfish   2012-11-03 13:41  

#2  ZF - After reading Zero Hedge for about a year, I'm pretty sure most things posted by Tyler Durden to that site are written by others. That, and the hyperventilating thing thing is part of his schtick.
Posted by: Raj   2012-11-03 13:15  

#1  3 tanks providing fire support against rebels? Much ado about nothing. Israel has to say something - to remind Assad that he can't routinely do this kind of thing after things settle down. Can't say I'm surprised the blogger using the alias Tyler Durden is is hyper-ventilating about this, though - he says mind-bogglingly stupid things on an almost daily basis. Still, compared to his commenters, he's the only sane man in the loony bin.
Posted by: Zhang Fei   2012-11-03 12:50