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How is it that you dazzle your friends and cohorts with up-to-the-minute news? Yea, you know of what I am speaking. It’s Rantburg U, of course....... Rantburg gets its click... and it needs one more from you.....

It’s election time and we got Benghazi hanging over us. I don’t know about you, but I do lots of forwards of articles and comments found here in Rantburg.
(Comments is why we call it Rantburg U and those comments often present you seemingly smart when opinionating in conversations)
Also, Christmas is coming – there is a PayPal button available over on the right. Keep scrolling, it's there. (Fred is working on Google Wallet, Amazon doesn’t seem to always work) so think about gifting yourself another year, week or day of Rantburg.... You owe it to yourself.

Need to snail mail a check? Email Fred for address.... can’t find Fred’s click for email? Just post.... you will get an answer.

And know, you just gave so others can click.........

And don't even think about posting an article with the title in all caps.....
Posted by:Sherry

#14  Happy to Donate, wish it could be more. Thanks for all you do Fred and to the rest of you behind the scenes. Rantburg has been an excellent resource of information. It's very much appreciated.
Posted by: Jan   2012-10-25 19:43  

#13  Paypalled with pleasure! Long live the'Burg!
Posted by: GoldenShellback   2012-10-25 18:41  

#12  I'm in and thanks for such a great site.
Posted by: JohnQC   2012-10-25 15:41  

#11  Thanks, lotp. Will tip in some spondooliks when it is going again.
Posted by: Grunter   2012-10-25 14:59  

#10  I usually use Amazon too, Grunter, but they've changed some interfaces and Fred doesn't have it working again yet.
Posted by: lotp   2012-10-25 13:14  

#9  So is the Amazon thingy defunct? It's the one I use and I can't get it working.
Posted by: Grunter   2012-10-25 12:48  

#8  I gave a bit earlier, but will hit the tip jar as soon as my paypal account stabilizes: this weekend for sure.
Posted by: Ptah   2012-10-25 12:21  

#7  donated today as well. Long live the 'burg.
Posted by: Broadhead6   2012-10-25 11:52  

#6  Fred, Look for an envelope from me in the next few days -- my early Hanukkah present to myself. Good idea, Sherry!
Posted by: trailing wife   2012-10-25 10:56  

#5  Thanks, Bobby -- you gave me my smile of the morning...
Posted by: Sherry   2012-10-25 10:05  

#4  I'm in.
Posted by: Iblis   2012-10-25 09:56  

#3  Paypalled my usual
Posted by: Frank G   2012-10-25 09:21  

#2  donated today

site said it was the 'Rantburg Defense Fund'
Posted by: lord garth   2012-10-25 09:10  

#1  Amazon don't work? That's disturbing. I get acknowledgements from Amazon - does that mean Fred got it?

Well, I'm going to try it again, just because of Sherry's incredibly effective ... request.
Posted by: Bobby   2012-10-25 06:50