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Families Flee as Rocket Attack Kills 1 in Kunar
[Tolo News] One civilian was killed when at least 14 rockets rained on the Dangam district of Afghanistan's eastern province of Kunar on Sunday morning, a local official said.

Kunar front man Wasifullah Wasifi said that more than 20 families had fled the area because of the hail of rockets on the Dangam district, which is located near the Pak border.

The rockets were fired from more than one location, apparently from both sides of the district, but it is still unknown who fired them, Wasifi said.

"Fourteen rockets were fired on the Dangam district from its border sides between 8:30am to 11:00 am on Sunday. It is still not clear who shot the rockets, whether it is Pakistain's military or the Taliban," Wasifi said.

"Investigations are underway to identify the attackers."

Pakistain's military forces have launched artillery attacks on Kunar's bordering regions in the past, according to reports.
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