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Seven Paleostinians Hurt by Israeli Tank Fire
[An Nahar] An Israeli tank shell fired into the Gazoo Strip on Thursday maimed seven Paleostinians, leaving two of them at death's door, Paleostinian medical officials told AFP.

The shell hit near the Karni crossing east of Gazoo City, according to the medics.

But Israeli security officials said that no tank shells were fired in that area this morning.

An Israeli army front man said that "a short while ago, Israeli soldiers identified several hard boyz approaching the security fence in the northern Gazoo Strip, in an area that is used by terror organizations to lay bombs."

"The soldiers fired toward the hard boyz (and) the suspects distanced themselves from the fence," he told AFP.

The Israeli military maintains an exclusion zone inside the Gazoo Strip along the border and regularly carries out military activities in the area.
Posted by:Fred

#2  Lets hope the distancing was variable.
Posted by: phil_b   2012-05-18 06:40  

#1  "The soldiers fired toward the terrorists (and) the suspects distanced themselves from the fence," he told AFP.

Enhanced tank gunnery! Think of the money saved on arrest, processing, medical exams, and deportation.
Posted by: Besoeker   2012-05-18 05:22