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Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia
Chechen official sacked over wife’s behavior
Chechen leader Ramzar Kadyrov has fired top official Tamerlan Mingayev over the "improper behavior" of his wife.

Mingayev’s wife was caught on video engaging in a brawl with youth activists, who criticized her over the way she had parked her car outside a shopping mall in Moscow. The video was then posted on the YouTube and went viral.

Kadyrov commented his decision saying Mingayeva’s conduct was simply revolting. “It’s not how a Chechen woman, a Chechen mother speaks,” he said.

Posted by:ryuge

#2  Uh-oh. Seems as though, "There's Trouble in Paradise".
Posted by: canalzone   2012-05-06 22:51  

#1  Couldn't read what they were promoting but some of those "youth activists" looked to me like they needed to be punched out. I thought the lady showed spunk.
Posted by: Abu Uluque   2012-05-06 16:59