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Home Front: WoT
Secret service prostitute says secret information was easily accessible
A woman who says she was the prostitute who triggered the US secret service scandal in Colombia said that the agents involved were "idiots" for letting it happen, and declared that if she were a spy and sensitive information was available, she could have easily obtained it.
If my Aunt Minnie had...
The woman said she spent five hours in a Cartagena, Colombia, hotel room with an agent, and while she barely got cab fare out of him, she could have gotten information that would have compromised the security of US president Barack Obama if the agent had any. "Totally," she replied when asked.

"The man slept all night," said the woman, who was identified by her lawyer as Dania Londono Suarez. "If I had wanted to, I could have gone through all his documents, his wallet, his suitcase."

She said in the 90-minute interview with Colombia's W Radio that no US investigator had been in touch with her, although reporters descended on her home a week after the incident when a taxi driver led them to it.

"They could track me anywhere in the world that I go but they haven't done so," she said, speaking in Spanish. "If the secret service agents were idiots, imagine the investigators."

That alarmed a US congressman who is monitoring the case. Representative Peter King, chairman of the House homeland security committee,
...and almost as big a fan of television cameras as Charles Schumer...
issued a statement on Friday expressing concern that investigators "have been unable to locate and interview two of the female foreign nationals involved," including Londono. "I have asked the secret service for an explanation of how they have failed to find this woman when the news media seems to have no trouble doing so."

In the interview, Londono called the secret service agents caught up in the scandal "fools for being from Obama's security and letting all this happen".

"When I said, 'I'm going to call the police so they pay me my money,' and it didn't bother them, didn't they see the magnitude of the problem?" she said.

Londono said the man never identified himself as a member of Obama's advance security detail for an inter-governmental summit, and said she saw nothing in his room that would have indicated the man's job other than a brown uniform.

Londono said the man had agreed to pay her $800, but that she never would have made a public fuss about his failure to pay had she known he was part of Obama's security detail and realised the repercussions it would have for her.

"My life is practically destroyed," she said. "My name is in the gutter."

Her photo has been splashed all over the internet since a newspaper took it off Facebook a week after the incident, when she said she fled Colombia fearing for her life.

"I was afraid they might retaliate," she said, saying she feared for herself and her family after looking up secret service on the internet and seeing that some agents were sharpshooters.

The mother of a 9-year-old boy she said she had when she was 17, Londono said she would happily sell her story now and pose nude. She said she had contracted one of Colombia's top lawyers, Abelardo De la Espriella. He confirmed her identity for the AP and said she called him for the first time earlier Friday, recommended by the radio host who interviewed Londono.
Posted by:Steve White

#6  One would think the Secret Service could keep their Servicing Secret.

Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2012-05-06 15:49  

#5  One would think the Secret Service could keep their Servicing Secret.

Descretion: D-
Execution: F

Posted by: Besoeker   2012-05-06 14:05  

#4  I'm sure her family thought she was a secretary or something

Prostitution is legal in Colombia; reportedly it's not uncommon for hookers to call the cops when their fee is not paid in full.

It was also quite apparent that she knew who her customers were; for her to expect that her life would go unchanged after this is indeed a 'boggle'.
Posted by: Pappy   2012-05-06 12:34  

#3  Don’t worry Dania the photographer is an artistic genius. We all want the layout to be tasteful. Work with the camera…just have fun. Now bend over like your snooping through the briefcase….there ya go…now that’s some real classy stuff.
Posted by: DepotGuy   2012-05-06 11:20  

#2  Why "boggle"? She had a nice career going as a high-class prostitute. I'm sure her family thought she was a secretary or something. Now, everyone knows who she is and what she does. Her life will be defined by this from here on out. I'm not getting the "boggle" thing at all.
Posted by: gromky   2012-05-06 05:48  

#1  "My life is practically destroyed," she said. "My name is in the gutter."

??? Boggle ???
Posted by: gorb   2012-05-06 00:18