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Terror Networks
C’est les Soldes : Hamas baby armor
Post in french, but I think you should like the product specs sheet, which is in english...
Posted by:anonymous5089

#5  Okay, I'll bite, what the .....???
Posted by: JosephMendiola   2009-06-28 21:12  

#4  Without falling for it, this still seems good for moms to carry a small kid.
Her arms are free and unemcumbered.
Posted by: Redneck Jim   2009-06-28 21:04  

#3  Good grief.

I hope it's a parody. (Have you actually read the ad?)
Posted by: Barbara Skolaut   2009-06-28 19:13  

#2  The sad thing is how many orders they will get for the vest.
Posted by: tipover   2009-06-28 17:06  

#1  Fatass Ismail Haniyeh will require the side by side model. One over each man boob.
Posted by: ed   2009-06-28 13:08