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Afghan Policeman Kills his Eight Fellows
[Quqnoos] An Afghan police has gunned down eight other policemen Friday night in the southern Helmand province, officials said.

A spokesman for Helmand governor, Daud Ahmadi, said the assailant has fled the checkpoint in Lashkar Gah, the centre of Helmand, taking along the weapons of the killed policemen. Daud Ahmadi said the incident occurred Friday midnight in Peer Sabaz area at the provincial capital, adding no clue yet to the reason of the deadly attack.

The spokesman avoided to disclose the identity of the murderer but termed him a 'disloyal' serviceman, fearing to have alleged links to the Taliban militants. No groups have attacked the checkpoint and the casualties caused by the conflict inside the station, Ahmadi added.
But, but, but we're told Muslims do not kill other Muslims. I'm so confused!
Posted by:Fred

#4  Probably got a good payoff for each pistol he collected for the Taliban.
Posted by: gromky   2009-06-28 06:41  

#3  The Afghan drug policy at work once again.
Posted by: Mark Espinola    2009-06-28 05:34  

#2  "Tell me which one of you ate my last glazed cruller or by Allan, I'll shoot all of yiz!"
Posted by: JDB   2009-06-28 04:47  

#1  The main difference between civil- and social engineering, is that civil engineers understand materials with which they work.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2009-06-28 02:46