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Fazlullah's family nabbed: Malik
[Geo News] Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik Saturday said the family of Mullah Fazlullah has been nabbed and they are being treated in respectable manner and not being manhandled.

Talking to media here, the interior minister said the extremists are not Taliban; instead they are Zaliman (Wrongdoers) and an absolute crackdown will be launched against them and they would not be spared any chance at all to rally again.
Does he mean miscreants or taqfiri?
Rehman Malik said Afghan soil is being utilized for terror purposes and this issue would be tabled at every forum, adding he urged his Afghan counterpart to stem cross-border interference.

Malik said decision regarding making religious education compulsory along with the worldly education, has been taken up and a Madrassa Regulatory Authority would be established by August for the implementation on the project. The authority will be responsible for registration of students, admission, examination system and forming strategy to stem the miscreant elements from entering madaris (seminaries). The new syllabus will include physics, mathematics, chemistry and English in addition to the Holy Quran.
A confusing statement: I assume Minister Malik means that madrassas must add sciences, math and English to their current curriculum of memorizing Muslim religious texts, and not that the Koran will be made mandatory in public schools.
Posted by:Fred

#2  It's funny to hear Malik complain about Afghan cross-border interference. It was ok as long as it was going the other way, but now it's wrong, because Pakistanis are getting killed. Situational ethics in a nutshell.

#1: syllabus will include physics, mathematics, chemistry
Essential for proper bomb making.

At the same time, we're watering down our high school teaching of the same subjects to about a seventh grade level. We'll pay for that, and probably pretty soon.
Posted by: Old Patriot   2009-06-28 14:27  

#1  syllabus will include physics, mathematics, chemistry

Essential for proper bomb making.
Posted by: Glenmore   2009-06-28 08:46