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Home Front: WoT
Bush was right after all
by Ashok Malik
That-idiot-Bush was right? How can that be?
In diplomacy, messages are often not direct or straightforward. Sometimes lessons from one theatre have relevance for another. The belligerence of North Korean dictator Kim Jong II over the past few weeks is a sobering reminder of how things can go wrong if a paramount power decides to speak softly without waving a big stick.

On May 25, Pyongyang tested a nuclear device. A North Korean ship is currently on the high seas, apparently carrying an illegal cargo of missiles and other weaponry to Burma. On July 4, Independence Day in the United States, Mr Kim has promised to fire a missile in the direction of Hawaii.
Posted by:Fred

#3  That realism was a critical element of the Bush doctrine.

The biggest slap at Obama.
Posted by: DoDo   2009-06-28 18:52  

#2  Ditto. I miss Mr.B and MR.C. I have come out of my hideee hole to misspell some words and add my two cents. Mr. B thought he could work as a team with all political types. It only worked when he compromised. Mr. Carter thought he could do it all. So all the power was in the hands of tip o'neal. Mr. Carter wasn't a night party person as is Mr.O.- So it's party time in DC.
Posted by: Dale   2009-06-28 11:15  

#1  I miss Bush.Hell, I miss Chaney!
Posted by: whatadeal   2009-06-28 04:01