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Five hurt as bomb goes off in train
[Bangla Daily Star] A bomb went off in a bogie of a train in Mobarakganj Railway Station of Kaliganj upazila in Jhenidah yesterday leaving five people injured.
"Honey, did you pack my bomb?"
The injured were Abu Bakar, 54, his wife Jobaida, 45, of Chuadanga, Tisha, 23, Toma, 8, and Suraya, 9 of Darshana. Jobaida was seriously injured. She was rushed to Jessore Sadar Hospital.
"I put it in your overnight bag, dear, just in case you need it."
Police and locals said when the train, heading for Sagardari, reached Mobarakganj around 5:30pm the bomb exploded and the bogie caught fire.
"It's set to go off at 5:30, you know."
"Oh, don't worry. We'll be in Mobarakganj by then."

Station Master Golam Mostafa of Mobarakganj Railway Station said passengers instantly leaped out of the train after the bomb exploded.
"Look out below!"
"We're outta here!"

On-duty railway personnel extinguished the fire. Sources said the bomb was probably in an overhead luggage compartment of the bogie.
Posted by:Fred

#1  Whoeve wrote this knows shit about railroading, a "BOGIE, is called a TRUCK here, it's the wheels and supports the car rides on.
NOT an overhead rack
accoeding to wiki
Posted by: Redneck Jim   2009-06-28 20:42