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Pakistan to start mass production of JF-17
ISLAMABAD - Pakistan is expected to start producing its first locally built modern fighter jet by the end of this month, joining other countries that manufacture their own combat aircraft, the chief of the country’s air force said Saturday.

The JF-17 Thunder is a lightweight and multi-role combat aircraft. It was initially a collaborative project between China’s Chengdu Aircraft Corporation and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex.
The JF-17 is the Pak version of the Chinese FC-1, which is an indigenous Chinese version of the export version of the MiG-33, which the Rooskies decided wasn't good enough for them.
The first two aircraft, which were entirely developed in China, were delivered to the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in March 2007. The following year Pakistan started limited serial production, with plans for full-fledged production after completion of testing and avionics evaluation.

“We will start production of this aircraft from the 30th of this month (June) and, Inshallah, the first Made in Pakistan JF-17 aircraft will fly in Pakistan’s airspace by end of this year,” PAF chief Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman said.

The announcement to start mass production of fighter jet comes as Pakistan has been increasingly relying on air power to defeat the Taliban militants in its north-western region. The air force has been increasingly used to dislodge militants from mountain tops and destroy their hideouts.

“PAF has extensively flown against the militants in Swat as well as in FATA and application of airpower has brought about tangible results,” the country’s air chief said, addressing a graduation ceremony. “This is a new type of warfare, in which PAF has been participating for the first time during the last one year or so in support of the Pakistan army."

The JF-17 is designed to be a cost-effective fighter which can meet the tactical and strategic needs of air forces of developing countries. Pakistan planned to produce 25 to 30 planes annually.
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