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A child dies, a martyr is born
Surely the Iyad Qarmout tshirts aren't far behind...
A Palestinian child was announced dead Saturday due to injuries he had sustained from the Israeli offensive on Gaza six months ago. Iyad Qarmout lost his life after his house was damaged by an Israeli raid that had hit an adjacent target, Palestinian medical sources told KUNA.
I assume his parents did not avail themselves of the free Israeli clinics set up even as the soldiers went over the fence.
In late December of 2008, Israel had launched a 22-day offensive that reaped lives of 1,495 people, most of them were women and children, while some 5,500 others were injured.
Posted by:Seafarious

#2  Perhaps Iyad's parents should have moved away from an active military situation - since they had a kid and all...
Posted by: Hellfish   2009-06-28 15:59  

#1  One less to try to murder my child.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2009-06-28 02:59