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Domino effect?
Tom Gross, "The Corner" @ National Review

President Bush said liberating Iraq would have a regional domino effect and give people a taste for freedom and democracy. Is this what we're seeing now in Iran?

As Bush said, liberty isn't American, or British, or French. It is human. No, the morality police in Iran are not just "part of Iranian culture" as some critics of Bush have claimed. Nor are public hangings. Nor are arbitrary detentions of doctors, or Holocaust denial conferences.

Peace comes through the spread of liberalism and democracy. Whatever the "foreign policy realists" or "regime apologists" might claim, there is little doubt in my view that should Iran become a free nation the world will be a safer place for all, not just a better place for Iranians.

I have posted some videos of the Iranian uprising on my website and I would strongly urge you to watch them. They show the reality of Iran's dictatorship, a reality that many international TV networks are refusing to show. Some of these videos are disturbing but I feel they need to be watched to understand the true nature of Iran's regime and why it should never be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons.

I have not included those which are too bloody to watch. To state the obvious, this is not some video game or Hollywood movie. These events really happened, and they happened last week, and the leader of the free world, Barack Obama, has been extraordinarily slow to criticize them.
Posted by:Mike

#4  Iran's younger folk may have learned an object lesson from these "Purple fingers" we helped happen - and made sure they were clean elections as well. That's happened a couple times now in Iraq. Compared to the Saddam days, Iraq is thriving now. Awfully hard to ignore that in Iran, just across the border.
Posted by: OldSpook   2009-06-22 22:03  

#3  Where's that nutjob Pelosie and the rest of the idiots in DC on this? The coward Murtha is out for vengance over waterboarding, but murder in the streets is ok.
Posted by: 49 Pan   2009-06-22 17:59  

#2  Not if President Zero has anything to say about it.
Posted by: Hellfish   2009-06-22 17:50  

#1  Unfortunately, we are playing with someone else's dominos
Posted by: Richard of Oregon   2009-06-22 17:01