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Militants behead Afghan university student
Several armed militants entered the compound of Kandahar University in south Afghanistan Friday and after beheading a student took away another.

"The gruesome incident occurred at 11:00 a.m. local time when several unknown armed militants entered the compound while students were enjoying weekly holiday (Friday) in the garden of university and horribly beheaded Mushtaq Ahmad and took away another," Ahmad Shah a student of the university told Xinhua.

The terrified Shah added that Mushtaq was a student of grade fourth of medical faculty of Kandahar university. This is the first time that militants attack higher educational institutions in the country.
Is this a new fad in islamic warfare?
Meanwhile, a university student in the capital of neighboring Kandahar province was found dead with his throat cut Friday morning in a side room of a mosque where he had gone to study. Sadullah Khan, a police official in Kandahar City, said they were investigating the death of the third-year medical student, but did not yet have any information on who might have been responsible for the killing.
Posted by:ed

#1  They're targeting medical students, it seems. Guess they expect any REAL student to study at a madrassa.

I am getting extremely fed up with "islam" and all its bloody extremes. This is a cancer in the human organism that needs to be excised and cast out. Any "religion" that has as a major portion of its tenets the execution of "non-believers" is no religion, but a blood cult. Destroy it before it destroys the rest of us.
Posted by: Old Patriot   2009-06-20 15:53