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Iran: We foiled Israeli-linked bomb plot
The Iranian Intelligence Ministry on Thursday claimed to have foiled an Israeli-linked terror plot to plant bombs in mosques and other crowded places in Teheran during last week's presidential election. State broadcaster IRIB quoted a ministry statement as saying several terrorist groups had been discovered, adding they were "in contact with Iran's foreign enemies, including the Zionist entity."
They don't even bother being subtle, do they ...
"Members of one of the uncovered networks were planning to plant bombs on election day at various crowded Teheran spots, including dozens of polling booths the Ershad and Al-Nabi mosques," the statement continued.

State television said there was also a plot to plant bombs in 20 polling stations in Teheran.

The television channel showed four of the suspects whose faces had been blurred by broadcasters.

One said that Americans in Iraq had asked them for information about the situation in Iran and had taught them how to make bombs.
Nope, not subtle at all, it's all the fault of the Juice and the Crusaders ...
Posted by:Steve White

#1  Troublesome for these mullahs for sure. The same mullahs who have a hard-on for ballistic nuclear capability....
Posted by: bradeous   2009-06-20 02:23