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33 foreign terror suspects held in Darra Adam Khel
Security Forces arrested 33 Tajik, Uzbek and Afghan terror suspects from Darra Adam Khel on Saturday. The suspects, who had arrived illegally from Afghanistan allegedly to carry out terrorist acts, were paraded before the media. According to a private TV channel, most of the detainees were younger than 15.
Who alleged their intentions? This sounds very odd.
One said he was going to Karachi for religious education.
Detainee #1=madrassah fodder, maybe an aspiring suicide boomer
Some said they had come to Pakistan through travel agents who charged them for providing employment in Pakistan.
The number "some" apparently equates to three, given the total in the title. So Detainees #2-#4 = illegal immigrants, who'd probably end up as indentured labor at some malik's mill.
Another youth said he was ready to do anything for money.
Detainee #5 = an aspiring pretty boy hooker.
The suspects denied having seen each other before despite having been arrested from the same bus. The security forces have shifted them to an undisclosed location for questioning.
"Take this lot to an undisclosed location for questioning!"
"Oboy! Oboy! Can I question the pretty boy, chief?"

In the outskirts of Kohat, police arrested 28 suspects including three Afghan nationals as a search operation continued on Saturday. Police also seized weapons from them. A case has been registered.
Detainees #6-#28 look like they may have a bit more meat on them, though they could also be simple but well-armed shepherds.
In Peshawar, unidentified men threw hand grenades at a Police checkpost in Yakatoak area late on Friday. No casualties were reported.
And apparently no arrests made.
Police sources said the Rahseed Garhi checkpost was slightly damaged. A heavy contingent of police arrived at the scene after the attack and secured the area, they said.
Posted by:Fred

#3  pre-martyrs...
Posted by: Frank G   2009-05-24 18:50  

#2  It's hard to get good recruits when they keep getting killed.
Posted by: Richard of Oregon   2009-05-24 18:39  

#1  And how many were going to St. Ives?
Posted by: Seafarious   2009-05-24 15:54