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Break-out the Rock Salt as S Korea slush scandal spreads
EFL BBC from Worldwire

South Korea’s main opposition has admitted it is implicated in a scandal that has already threatened the country’s presidency.
The Grand National Party (GNP) issued an apology after lawmaker Choi Don-woong said he had received 10bn won ($8.5m) from conglomerate SK Group prior to presidential elections last year. And good riddance to those dirty boys. That’s why they ended up in the opposition.

Prosecutors have already charged Choi Do-sul, a confidant and former aide to President Roh Moo-hyun, with taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from SK Group after Mr Roh won December’s presidential poll. Wait a minute, now what do we do. Where’s the next party. Neither of these two parties can be trusted...

The slush fund scandal has now engulfed all three of South Korea’s main political parties.

Also under interrogation is Lee Sang-soo, a member of a new reformist faction which recently broke away from the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP). Do we have a Reform Party?

President Roh is due to meet the leaders of four main political parties over the weekend to urge them to agree to his proposed referendum.

Each party has voiced opposition to the plan, concerned that it would be unconstitutional or a ploy to boost his support ahead of parliamentary elections in April.

The president is currently without a power base in the National Assembly. He split from his own party, the MDP, last month, after it was wracked by mass defections to other parties.

An MDP splinter group of Roh loyalists holds just 42 seats, compared to the 149-seat majority the GNP enjoys.

Mr Roh’s popularity ratings have plummeted from more than 80% to below 30%. Mr Roh needs a war pronto. Hey Kimmy, a little help for my main man in the south. Fire some of them there Silkworms so Mr Roh can look a little presidential.

He has been tarnished by political scandals, an economic recession, and tension over the South’s relations with the North and the United States.

Polls suggest that Mr Roh would survive a referendum.

Its worse in Kenya. The BBC has an article: Kenya’s biggest graft inquiry halted. Evidently, the judge for the inquiry was implicated.
Posted by:Super Hose