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Home Front
Kerry claims U.S. botched deal with France/Russia on eve of war.
Senator John F. Kerry (A proud Vietnam Vet) declined to provide specifics yesterday about his televised comment Monday night that French and Russian officials at the United Nations were poised to compromise with the Bush administration on the eve of the Iraq war. In a brief interview in Manchester yesterday, Kerry said that he believed his information was solid and that he intends to focus on the issue in the coming weeks as he continues to critique President Bush’s foreign policy and attempts to distinguish himself from the eight other Democrats running for the White House. "I have it on the highest authority" that the French and Russians were prepared to make an offer at the UN, but were rebuffed by American officials intent on going to war, Kerry said. "I’m going to talk about it more publicly at a later time."
Hey I am just running this up the flagpole to see if this has any traction.
He would not disclose details of the position the countries, which opposed the US-led military offensive, were prepared to take or identify the source of the information. For weeks, Kerry has been seeking to clarify his position on the war in Iraq, which he voted to support in the Senate but which he has criticized since the spring as poorly planned.
Heck I never thought he would actually do something.
He has tried to focus attention on the UN’s role in the conflict. Kerry has said he would have preferred that the United States pursue more diplomacy before the war and seek a UN vote supporting the use of force against President Saddam Hussein of Iraq.
The U.N. is known so well for diplomacy/appeasement. I hear that Clinton was the source of this information. He found out after the meeting that he declared Al Queda was the biggest threat to the U.S. Does anyone really believe anything that the French/German/Russian say? Oh I forgot John F. Kerry (D-Vietnam Vet) believes!

People who make the charge that we don't pursue diplomacy just as assiduously as we pursue military action simply don't read the papers.
Posted by:Cyber Sarge (VRWC CA Chapter)

#20   Carl in N.H. 2003 : Thanks for clarifying that. If I was Dean, I'd start circulating the Bob Kerry story around, secure in the knowledge that plenty of people would simply they are one in the same.
Posted by: B   2003-10-22 8:26:45 PM  

#19  I keep wondering how long it's gonna take before Mrs. Ketchup decides to pull the feeding tube on this losers campaign.
I hear he got his inside dope from Grady Little.
Yeah, I'm still bitter...
Posted by: tu3031   2003-10-22 7:33:53 PM  

#18  I don't think Kerry is French.

-apparently he isn't Irish either; (this just came out). Although he never corrected that assumption amongst his Irish-American constituents in Boston. He just recently said that "he never claimed to be Irish" though most folks thought he was.

I know he is a silver star recipient for his actions on extracting a SF team. He was the C.O. of a brown water navy p.t. boat apparently. I respect his service but am not impressed by his lame & tired campaign tactics.
Posted by: Jarhead   2003-10-22 7:14:45 PM  

#17   BTW,this is Kerry who keeps marring rich women-
latest ib French.
Posted by: Stephen   2003-10-22 4:42:32 PM  

#16  I don't think Kerry is French. Just before he began his presidential campaign, he discovered his jewish background... Must be part of the consp... Move along. Nothing to see here. Approved candidate. Shake his hand. Move along.
Posted by: Super Hose   2003-10-22 4:42:04 PM  

#15   By Feb.2003 it was obvious the Bush administration would not agree to any plan that left Saddam in power.If France had any "plan" that agreed to peaceful removal of Saddam w/out war it would have been leaked/revealed long ago to discedit Bush administration.The details of this "plan" are probably more of pre-March bs;Saddam agrees to unlimited inspections(w/details meaning what unlimited means to be worked out later)and gets reduction in embargo.S.O.S.
Posted by: Stephen   2003-10-22 4:40:35 PM  

#14  John Kerry is defending the French, which is not likely to make him real popular with the electorate.
Posted by: Zhang Fei   2003-10-22 4:03:52 PM  

#13  Kerry's source is allegedly a man.. and looks rather similiar.
Posted by: Dishman   2003-10-22 3:47:21 PM  

#12  B:

"Wasn't Kerry the one who slaughtered all the civilians?"

I think that was supposed to be Bob Kerry, the other politico-named-Kerry-who-was-decorated-in-Vietnam.

They need to give us a program or something to keep these guys straight.

Posted by: Carl in N.H.   2003-10-22 3:26:03 PM  

#11  Couple of points. First it was Senator Bob Kerry who was involved in the massacre of a Vietnamese village. He was a Seal, lost his leg in Vietnam, and I think dropped out of politics after the story came out.

Bob Kerry went up against Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 1992 and John Kerry attacked him for trying to use his war record against Clinton, saying it was irrelevant.

The interesting thing is John Kerry seems to indicate any deal, would have been preferable to going into Iraq without an additional UN vote.
Posted by: Yank   2003-10-22 3:22:29 PM  

#10  For one thing, Barbara, he's running for President of the United States. That means he's getting his point across not only in the US but throughout the entire world. When an idiot speaks and no one hears, no damage is done. When an idiot blabs to the entire world, it's kinda hard to say "no harm, no foul".

Kerry is a perfumed idiot who has pandered a single line into a political career: "I'm a Vietnam Vet". So am I, but I'm not an idiot on top of it.
Posted by: Old Patriot   2003-10-22 2:02:47 PM  

#9  And I'm supposed to care what that French-looking idiot says - why, exactly?
Posted by: Barbara Skolaut   2003-10-22 1:56:35 PM  

#8  when are the dems going to understand what the iraq war was about. it had nothing to do with the un or wmd. we had to do this to show our enemies that were not weak (a perception they have of us because of billy). iraq was the logical choice, biggest, baddest guy on the block who was intent on causing us harm one way or another. right in the middle of our enemies and they took notice. but they are getting their balls back escpecially with all our dems running around stating how we fucked up. has anyone noticed the increase in attacks in iraq? there is a def link between what our politicians say here and the actions of syria, iran and sods.
Posted by: Dan   2003-10-22 1:48:39 PM  

#7  How could Clinton be the source? Kerry is referring to diplomatic exchanges in March 2003, not to Clintons statements of January 2001.

Its got to be either a Bush Admin source (somebody in the state department?)or a russian or french source. I hope for Kerry's sake hes not relying on a Russian or French source.
Posted by: liberalhawk   2003-10-22 1:44:55 PM  

#6  The big question -- is this classified information that Kerry was told in his official capacity in the Senate? If so, was it declassified, making it permissible to talk about it? If it wasn't declassified, then shouldn't this spell the end of Kerry's political career and the beginning of his career as a convict? Will the lefties who hyperventilated over the Plame leak twitch an eyebrow over this?

If it's not something he was officially told, where's the claim coming from?
Posted by: Robert Crawford   2003-10-22 1:41:46 PM  

#5  "I have it on the highest authority" that the French and Russians were prepared to make an offer at the UN, but were rebuffed by American officials intent on going to war, Kerry said.


Posted by: Bomb-a-rama   2003-10-22 1:29:56 PM  

#4  Charles: keep your liberal garbage on YOUR side of
the Atlantic, at least while I haven't crossed it.

BTW: John Kerry is supposed to be a Vienam Vet. Anyone knows if he was Vietcong or if he was NVA?
Posted by: JFM   2003-10-22 1:29:25 PM  

#3  John Kerry is French. You can tell just by looking at him! This will get tons of attention and disappear in a few weeks siince no evidence was given.
Posted by: Charles   2003-10-22 1:18:59 PM  

#2  Wasn't Kerry the one who slaughtered all the civilians?
Posted by: B   2003-10-22 1:18:43 PM  

#1  Kerry's a vet? [/sarcasm]
Posted by: Dar   2003-10-22 1:16:55 PM