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Jamaat’s immoderate worldview
The Islami Jamiat-e Tulaba (IJT) is the powerful ‘student wing’ of the Jamaat-e-Islami. It held its ‘mammoth’ international march in Lahore last Monday, from its seat of power at the Punjab University New Campus to the headquarters of the JI at Ichchra. The chief of the Jama’at-e-Islami, Qazi Hussain Ahmad, delivered the keynote address. He said that his party wanted a Pakistan with a ‘sovereign’ parliament out of the stranglehold of the generals. He also wanted a united country to confront India as the next door enemy and the United States as the global imperialist enemy. The biggest challenge, he admitted, was unemployment in the country, which was exacerbated by terrorism. He said that Pakistan was under attack from terrorism like other Islamic states and its ulema were being killed. He condemned the trend of blaming Islamic movements for such terrorism.
Despite the fact that he's one of the bigger supporters of terrorism...
The firebrand secretary general of the Jamaat-e-Islami, Munawwar Hassan, then went on to announce that America and Europe were scared of Islam as a global power. He believed that America was particularly frightened after seeing the jihad in Afghanistan from close quarters. He concluded that the Islamic world was clearly divided into two parts: the rulers were all slaves of the West and the masses who were angry because their dreams had been smashed to pieces. A representative of Turkey’s Saadat Party repeated the charge that the entire world was under threat from the Zionists, and the Muslims were bearing the brunt of their secret plans. He said the leadership of the Islamic world against this evil had fallen to Pakistan, the only state capable of accomplishing the job.
Pakistan, of course, being the light of the Islamic world...
Fiery anti-West speeches were also delivered by representatives of religious parties from Bangladesh, Bosnia, Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Zambia, etc. The third three-day grand congregation of IJT was held at the Punjab University New Campus, proving once again that the university was completely controlled by the ‘student wing’ while its ‘general’ vice chancellor looked on. Clearly, the message delivered by the ‘international’ congregation of religionists was extremely isolationist. It sought to inculcate alienation from the rest of the world because it was dominated by the West. The youth that had gathered at the IJT rally was regaled to a frightening vista: the West-dominated world was against the ‘umma’ and the ‘umma’ was helpless because it was ruled by ‘slaves of the West’. The agenda was set somewhat like this: by next year let us give a heave-ho to the government in Islamabad, then call India to account through some more jihad and, after that, somehow wage war against the evil of the United States and the Jews.
That's pretty much Qazi's plan of action in a nutshell. JI, along with JUI and JUP and a few other grups of lesser importance, make Pakistan unique in the world, in that the country's effective rulers are now the leaders of these religious parties and their (deniable) militia arms. Perv and the military "control" them only to the extent of keeping them out of formal power, where they could actually try to put their plans for khilafa into effect, instead indulging an incremental approach that they hope isn't going to result in open warfare with the West before the Islamic world is ready for it. Qazi, Fazl, Sami, Noorani, and their creations — Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar, Syed Salahuddin, and all the other jihadi leaders — make their money (and they make a good living, indeed) by being indignant, by being "fire-breathing", by delivering stem-winders and over-the-top rhetoric, rather than by thinking. To me, they represent even more of a threat than the Soddies, because they're exporting Pakistanis all over the world, carrying with them the seeds of that unreasoning hatred and desire for confrontation.
Posted by:Paul Moloney

#8  And on a lighter note are the jihadis going to try to get the Spear of Longinus, the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant? Or is all that haram?
Posted by: OminousWhatever   2003-10-22 6:05:41 PM  

#7  "I find this article very disturbing. It's like we are watching a replay of Hitler all over again. All we need is for these students to do is raise their hands and chant Hail Hitler. "

But the real question - is Perv Hindenburg? or worse, Von Papen?
Posted by: liberalhawk   2003-10-22 12:30:28 PM  

#6  "call India to account through some more jihad and, after that, somehow wage war against the evil of the United States and the Jews".

Is he on drugs? First wage jihad against India - what are the chances that this could go nuclear - then take on the United States and then finally the 'all-powerful' Jews? Now there's a plan that doesn't let reality stand in its way. What a moron.
Posted by: Dakotah   2003-10-22 12:26:13 PM  

#5  I find this article very disturbing. It's like we are watching a replay of Hitler all over again. All we need is for these students to do is raise their hands and chant Hail Hitler.

It's as if I'm watching a terrible car wreck about to occur in slow motion and there is nothing I can do to stop it.
Posted by: B   2003-10-22 11:53:47 AM  

#4  They think we are scared of them? Pehaps they didn't learn the lesson of Pearl Harbor or 9-11.

Note to religious fanatics worldwide - we are nice, we value individual liberty and civil rights, but start the suicide bombs over here and expect to feel the wrath of the giant. We've still got the gloves on and one hand tied behind our back and we are kicking your backward behinds. Imagine what it will be like when we take the gloves off and give it all we've got. We can turn you into glass right now if we want to. Lucky for you, that's not what we want, yet. Blow up a couple of coffee shops and discos over here and watch the shift in our attitude occur overnight. We still won't go for the glass option, but don't expect us to keep the gloves on.
Posted by: B   2003-10-22 11:45:11 AM  

#3  Yet another Islamist snake-pit that needs a good and thorough napalming.
Posted by: Craig   2003-10-22 11:05:20 AM  

#2  I believe it could be something like this:
Al Qaeda is a product of the Arab world, in particular the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wahabis of Saudi Arabia. The JI is very similar to the Muslim Brotherhood, but rather than just being an "offshoot", it is a major transnational political movement in its own right, which has made its own major contribution to Islamist thought (such as it is).
Just like the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood is dominant, so the Pakistani branch of the Jamaat-e-Islami is dominant over the Bangladeshi, Indian and to some extent the South East Asian branches. There ultimate aim is to bring about the disintegration of India, and in combination with the destruction of Israel, the new Caliphate will reach from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans.

But I think the most important reason for why all these rabid Islamists for around the world showed up in Pakistan to voice their support, is that such a conference simply couldn't happen anywhere in the Arab world, not even in Saudi Arabia. In contrast, the Islamists can do just about whatever they want, because they have the protection of the state.
Posted by: Paul Moloney   2003-10-22 9:41:43 AM  

#1  interesting that not only JI sees Pakland as the center for the Jihad, but that jihadis from africa etc see it that way as well. I wonder though how many of the the Africans are actually of Pakistani origin (in South Africa for example) Also wonder how this relates to info suggesting that AQ sees Iraq as the principle battleground - the chance to bring down the Americans as Afghanistan brought down the Soviets. Is it that AQ has an Arab point of view, versus JI's South Asian focus, despite their historic alliance? Or is it Iraq first, Pakistan second?
Posted by: liberalhawk   2003-10-22 9:26:27 AM