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-Short Attention Span Theater-
Molestor gets beaten up by former victim
Hat tip: Drudge. Edited for brevity.
A convicted child molester who was placed in the same [Tampa] Florida jail cell with one of his victims was beaten unconscious Thursday. The former victim was being held on a probation violation. Authorities say he recognized cellmate Kevin Kinder as the man who abused him and three other boys when he was 11 years old. His lawyer said the man, who is now 22, jumped on Kinder and punched him repeatedly. The former victim’s mother called the encounter a "fluke" but added that it was very "therapeutic" for her son.
Understatement of the year...
Posted by:Dar

#8  "temporary insanity" would likely do the trick.
Posted by: Dishman   2003-10-20 7:56:35 PM  

#7  It doesn't get any better than this.

It's a shame he was so gentle. I can't say I would have been.
Posted by: badanov   2003-10-20 6:08:46 PM  

#6  I've never been molested, but my daughter was. I agree that there needs to be some kind of thereputic release. I'm afraid she's going to run someone down with her car someday, because the perp reminds her of her problem. I hope this guy has exorcized his own personal demons, but I'm doubtful. They can reappear any time, and the latest manifestation is usually worse than the previous one.
Posted by: Old Patriot   2003-10-20 5:54:05 PM  

#5  Works for me! :-p
Posted by: Barbara Skolaut   2003-10-20 5:18:09 PM  

#4  very "therapeutic"...YES!!! When you can see justice in this land, doesn't it just make your heart race!!! You sure can't get it in the 'justice system'.
Posted by: Anonymous   2003-10-20 2:36:47 PM  

#3  "it was very "therapeutic" for her son." It's not often you get to exercise the demon from your system. I don't advocate vigilante justice, but I would just sentence the guy to counseling.
Doctor: “How did you feel after you pummeled your molester?”
Victim: “I felt pretty damn good.” Doctor: “your cured.”
Posted by: Cyber Sarge   2003-10-20 1:52:03 PM  

#2  Brahahahaha....

Karma is a very cold biatch indeed isn't she?
Posted by: CrazyFool   2003-10-20 1:43:52 PM  

#1  Now we know why the Priests don't want to appear in 20-years after the crime.

" Look boys, there's that punk who molested G-dog, get em'! "
Posted by: Charles   2003-10-20 1:20:15 PM