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Kashmir Korpse Kount: 2 dead 60 injured
Two civilians were killed and 60 others injured in two grenade explosions triggered by suspected Islamic militants in Indian-administered Kashmir on Monday, police said.
suspected Islamic militants = mealy-mouthed words of the day
One of the deaths and 53 of the injuries occurred in the Batamaloo area of Kashmir’s summer capital Srinagar when rebels hurled a grenade at a security patrol. The explosive missed its target and exploded at a bus stand.
nice aim, mahmoud
"The condition of at least half a dozen civilians is serious," the spokesman said, adding they were being treated in Srinagar’s main hospital. Another civilian was killed and seven others injured in a grenade explosion in the southern town of Anantnag, 50 kilometres south of Srinagar on Monday afternoon. The grenade was hurled at a security force vehicle but, also missing its target, it exploded in a busy market.
Cripes these Pakis throw like little girls
I think they only pretend to throw at the cops. They like to see those dead civilians.
Posted by:Frank G

#1  " Mohammad, kill the infidel! Wait, that little girl is holding a teddy bear! She is the bigger infidel with her furry bear! And make sure someone recovers that lolli-pop..."
Posted by: Charles   2003-10-20 1:17:31 PM