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Iran Sentences Six to Death
A court in southeastern Iran has upheld the death sentence for a gang of six men who confessed to killing five people in the name of Islamic morality, a newspaper said on Thursday. The men, aged between 18 and 22, last year killed some of their victims by tying them up and throwing them into a swimming pool or by stoning them to death to ''eliminate vice on the earth,'' the Etemad daily said.
Iran has Pashtuns, too?... I guess they do have Baluchis, don't they?
''The six men were tried by a second court and their death sentences were upheld by this court,'' the daily said. Earlier this year, a trial held behind closed doors sentenced the six to death. But the case was sent to another court after they objected to the sentence, saying the killings were religiously motivated.
"Y'see, that makes it different..."
''The second court said there was no evidence that the victims were in any way corrupt and approved the first ruling,'' the daily said.
If they had been, it would have been okay?
The killers earlier confessed to murdering the five people. They said they committed the murders to fight against moral corruption and promote virtue, Etemad said. The paper quoted an informed source as saying the men would be publicly hanged.
That's the problem when you go organizing bands of fascisti to go about the countryside righting wrongs. Sometimes the guys with the ropes and scaffolds don't buy your definition of "wrong."
Posted by:Fred Pruitt

#1  Fred,
Iran reiterates:Iran: We've Deported al-Qaida Suspects. They stay on message pretty well.
Posted by: Super Hose   2003-10-17 3:25:08 PM