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US troops storm Moqtada stronghold in Baghdad
US occupation soldiers backed by tanks have moved into a stronghold of Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr as violence continued to grip war-shattered Iraq. Iraqi police on Thursday also arrested at least 12 of the anti-occupation cleric’s followers after evicting them from a municipal building in Baghdad’s densely packed al-Sadr city suburb. The cleric’s followers had seized the building last week. At least six US tanks blocked access to the building that was surrounded by armoured military vehicles.
They weren't holding any hostages? That's unusual...
Occupation forces are scrutinising al-Sadr’s activities but officials did not elaborate what the actions were. Al-Sadr heads a thousands-strong armed militia called the al-Mahdi army. His groups had been using the municipal building to run its own social services. Iraqi police said they would release the detainees if clerics speaking for al-Sadr came to the police headquarters and acknowledged that they had been acting improperly at the municipality building. Police officials also pointed out that there was no place in Iraq for independent militia groups, such as al-Sadr’s.
Posted by:Fred Pruitt

#5  Doh! Looks like Al Jizz is flapping in the breeze again...

This is what I've found:
"In Baghdad's Sadr City district, a stronghold for firebrand Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, about 6,000 Shiites chanted "No No USA, Yes Yes Muqtada" at Friday prayers.

Less than a kilometer (half mile) away, US tanks, armoured personnel carriers and dozens of soldiers blocked off streets leading to a building housing the Sadr City council. Thursday night's clash in Karbala appeared to reflect a determination by the US-led coalition to minimise any challenge to its authority from armed religious militants."


Blocking off some streets a click away is not the same as entering Sadr's "stronghold", Al Jizz. They're trying to make it sound like we're right outside his door. Uh, hun. Asshats.

Postpone the ululation for awhile, folks. He'll invite us in, no doubt, but it hasn't happened, yet.
Posted by: .com   2003-10-17 3:02:16 PM  

#4  They didn't have hostages because they were stuck their after being forced to retreat in battle a couple of days ago... no time to get hostages...
Posted by: Damn_Proud_American   2003-10-17 10:19:20 AM  

#3  More on Sadr from Riverbend. Still wondering which propaganda outlet she dropped out of after the war.
Posted by: Cog   2003-10-17 4:13:21 AM  

#2  Ululate!
Posted by: Brian   2003-10-17 2:41:07 AM  

#1  I bet Al-Sadr's actions have something to do with " Fedayeen " and " Impersonation ".
Posted by: Charles   2003-10-17 2:11:31 AM