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Africa: West
Chuck alleges conspiracy
Former Liberian leader Charles Taylor alleged on Tuesday that unidentified enemies were planning to attack Nigerian peacekeepers in his country and put the blame on him. Taylor left Liberia in August to take up an offer of political asylum in Nigeria, but said he feared a plot to turn the people of his host country against him and persuade them to compel him to leave.
Oooh, a Evil Plan(tm).
"The strategy afoot is to orchestrate a scene whereby Nigerians and other soldiers serving in Liberia are brought in harm’s way with armed combattants believed to be my loyalists, so as to attribute it to Charles Taylor," he said, in a statement.
He’s talking about himself in the third party, clear sign of paranoia.
"It is their plan that at such a time, and God forbid, the people of Nigeria would then look at me with jaundiced eyes and consider me an enemy of the Nigerian people, thus exposing me to danger," he said. "They would consider me a terrible guest and react negatively toward me. This type of sinister orchestration now in the works is evident by constant statements associating me with disruption, unpeaceful and diabolical actions. All lies!"
"Lies! All lies! They're out to get me! An' I din't do nuffin'!"
Bwahahaha!! Our evil plan is working!
Many Nigerians are already opposed to Taylor’s exile in a luxury villa in the southeastern city of Calabar. Nigeria’s journalists’ union and bar association have both called for the former warlord to be kicked out to face war crimes charges at a UN-backed special tribunal in Liberia’s neighbour Sierra Leone. But President Olusegun Obasanjo, while warning Taylor not to interfere with developments in his homeland, has insisted the asylum deal was necessary to get him out of Liberia and restart a moribund peace process there.
Ollie wouldn't like to see the precedent set of a fellow head of state being handed over to a war crimes court. Y'never can tell what the future holds. Especially in Nigeria.
So Chucky is afraid that there are going to be attacks on Nigerians, and they will be blamed on him. I guess that means that we can expect attacks on Nigerians at any time. Might as well blame Chucky, I mean, we don’t want to disappoint him.
Posted by:Steve

#3  we sneak in and steal the bank account before Nigeria

We don't have to sneak in, Chuck will send the money right to us. I got a e-mail that sez so!
Posted by: Steve   2003-10-14 2:23:16 PM  

#2  Good idea Yank, except we sneak in and steal the bank account before Nigeria. Alittle extra money for Iraq would be nice.
Posted by: Charles   2003-10-14 1:25:54 PM  

#1  How is he so aware of the plans?

Nigeria should announce they've discovered plans to whack Mr. Taylor and blame it on the Nigerian government. Then they can whack him (grab his bank account) and point fingers.
Posted by: Yank   2003-10-14 11:02:56 AM