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Middle East
Report: Mubarak’s son survives assassination bid
Gamal Mubarak, the son of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, has recently survived an assassination attempt, while driving on the Cairo-Alexandria desert highway, the Islamic Media Monitor (Al Marsad) reported, citing Egyptian fundamental sources.
The London-based body said that in the course of the attempted assassination bid, Gamal’s personal driver was wounded. It added the attempt took place when Gamal was on his way back from a tour in Alexandria. The report, however, did not provide details on the precise date of the failed attempt.
Furthermore, the report said, citing sources in Egypt, that Gamal survived the assassination attempt due to the armored vehicle he was driving in as well as the presence of armed body guards.
Armored limos and good bodyguards make all the difference.
The Islamic Media Monitor is headed by Yasser El Sari and has close contacts with Islamic movements in Egypt and other Arab states. After some two decades in power and currently in his mid-70s, Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak is widely suspected of grooming his 39 year-old son for succession. Gamal’s name has often been mentioned in the public arena in this context.
Daddy Mubarak ain’t gonna like this.
Posted by:Steve

#3  It would be interesting if the muslim brotherhood thugs that Egypt recently let out of prison (because they espoused non violence) were part of the get Gamal gang.
Posted by: mhw   2003-10-14 11:00:44 AM  

#2  Mr Yasser Al-Sirri has close ties to Binny and the Boys as well. FYI, Mustafa Hamza, who planned the operation by Gama'a to take out Daddy Mubarak in 1995 in Addis Ababa (which obviously failed), is now a close associate of Binny (probably hiding out with Saad, Saif, Saleh, and the rest of the Tier Two dirtbags in Iran).
Posted by: TerrorHunter4Ever   2003-10-14 10:22:17 AM  

#1  expect a crackdown on the muslim brotherhood with a roundup of the Usual Suspects©
Posted by: Frank G   2003-10-14 10:09:36 AM