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Middle East
Palestinian caught with gun, knife in baby stroller
JPost - Reg Req’d; Remember this story the next time an "innocent Paleo" is killed accidently
Border Policeman arrested a Palestinian woman at the Hizma checkpoint north of Jerusalem on Tuesday after they found a knife and gun hidden in a baby stroller she was traveling with. The woman, 20, from the village of al-Azzariyah, east of Jerusalem, claimed that she accidentally took the weapons from the cab she was traveling in.
The tip-off was the baby hanging from the gun rack...
Meanwhile on Tuesday, IDF Paratroopers arrested a wanted Tanzim militant in the West Bank village of Kadum, west of Nablus. The man was reported to have hidden two explosive devices and a gun in his home garden.
"I bought em at Home Depot"
"'Spectin' a good crop of explosives this year, Mahmoud?"
Posted by:Frank G

#3  Well, yeah, I believe that she accidentally took the weapons and put them in the stroller instead of her own child. Sure. Happens all the time.
Posted by: Baba Yaga   2003-10-14 3:00:00 PM  

#2  The woman ... claimed that she accidentally took the weapons from the cab she was traveling in.

"and the safest place I could think to put them until I turned them into the authorities was underneath my child"

Posted by: Dripping Sarcasm   2003-10-14 9:55:41 AM  

#1  Maybe they were the baby's. The Paleo version of "Leave No Child Behind"?
Posted by: tu3031   2003-10-14 9:04:34 AM