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Middle East
IDF orders 15 Palestinians deported to Gaza Strip
JPost Reg req’d - sounds like better than these mooks deserve. I say kill em
OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky signed deportation orders to the Gaza Strip Tuesday for 15 administrative detainees being held in Israeli prisons in Judea and Samaria.

The prisoners will be transferred to the Erez Crossing in the Strip where they will be held for 48 hours in order to give them time to appeal the directive.

The military issued such expulsion orders only once before, when it forced three relatives of Palestinian terror suspects to move from the West Bank to Gaza last year in hopes of deterring future attacks on Israelis.

The military did not identify the 15 detainees, who have already been moved to an army lockup in the Gaza Strip and have two days to appeal the decision.

Israel’s Supreme Court later approved the practice, which has been denounced by human rights lawyers as a violation of international law. The Israeli government argues that expulsions, along with house demolitions, create an important deterrent against suicide bombings and other attacks on Israeli civilians.

Tuesday’s decision affects 15 Palestinians held in so-called administrative detention, without charges or trial. The army said in a statement that the 15 were being held on suspicion they helped militants carry out attacks on Israelis, but that they were not directly involved and had "no blood on their hands." They cleaned up

Daniel Reisner, the head of the military’s legal department, said most were members of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad militant groups, and were suspected of being accomplices in attacks on Israelis. Reisner said they were not being tried because Israel feared its intelligence sources could be revealed in such proceedings. snitched on by West Bank informants huh?

The military did not identify the 15 detainees, who have already been moved to an army lockup in the Gaza Strip and have two days to appeal the decision.

Palestinian Cabinet minister Arafat toady Saeb Erekat denounced the expulsion orders as a violation of international human rights conventions.
with which the Paleos have only intermittent knowledge
"It’s a very dangerous step," Erekat told The Associated Press. "This is not an act of self-defense. This is an act that deserves the condemnation of the United States, the European Union and other members of the international community."
"Even the other planets in the Federation"

Posted by:Frank G

#2  Um, Ere-catty? Cry me a river and drown.
Posted by: Atrus   2003-10-14 4:40:35 PM  

#1  I would've put them on a small boat and launched them into the Mediterranean. Whatever shore they landed on (besides Israel proper) that would accept them is where they stay.
Posted by: Bomb-a-rama   2003-10-14 11:00:27 AM