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Home Front
Kucinich Announces Candidacy
Democrat Dennis Kucinich, the liberal four-term congressman who has been steadfast in his opposition to the Iraq war, formally kicked off his presidential bid Monday with a harsh critique of U.S. foreign policy. "America cannot put its foot on the accelerator of war and advocate peace," the Ohio lawmaker, who favors a withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, told several hundred cheering supporters in the chambers of the Cleveland City Council.
Like, let’s trade in the Hummer of Hate for the VW micro-bus of happy thought, and let ourselves be guided by the steering wheel of love.
I've been waiting with baited breath for so long! I can finally take the mullet from under my tongue...
His candidacy a long shot at best — Kucinich trails many of his rivals in fund raising and public opinion polls — the White House hopeful used the announcement speech to stress his anti-war stance, his opposition to international trade pacts and his support for a single-payer, universal health care plan.
The single TAX-payer, that is.
"Freedom bids us to free ourselves from the shackles of violence," he said. "When peace becomes innermost, it then becomes outermost in our communities and our nation."
and our hindmost should be foremost, as the clock-radio of righteousness begs us to dig the goodies. Yo, don’t bogart that drag, man.
Like, wow, man! Listen to the colors!
Kucinich said that if elected president, he would look for nonviolent ways to solve the world’s problems, including the Israeli-Palestinian tensions in the Middle East.
White flag. The self-described urban populist also said he would order a study of reparations for blacks whose ancestors were slaves. I feel your pain, but no dough.
The Democratic candidate called for cutting the Pentagon budget by about 15 percent, arguing that it would free up billions of dollars without undermining national security. "It would instead enhance the economic security of our nation," he said.
Just like Clinton.
Kucinich, who has been campaigning for months, made the announcement in his native Cleveland, the first stop of a multistate tour that will include Michigan, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Iowa. The kickoff speech at City Hall served as a reminder of Kucinich’s political triumphs and bitter disappointments. Elected in 1977, the 31-year-old "boy mayor" guided a city that two years later became the first since the Depression to go into default.
Purely coincidence
Helluva job. Helluva job. If he did that for Cleveland, just think what he can do for the whole country...
Kucinich faced death threats, and was forced to wear a bulletproof vest when he threw out the first ball at a Cleveland Indians game.
Michael Moore for Veep.
He barely survived a recall election but lost his bid for re-election by a landslide. Then, in the 1990s, he made a political comeback, winning a state Senate seat and eventually capturing a U.S. House seat in 1996.
Which he will release from captivity when his manifesto is printed in major newspapers.
Kucinich began campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination some eight months ago but trails many of his well-established rivals in money and name recognition.
Small donor base, only so many head shops and most of those back the Greens.
He raised $1.7 million during a three-month period ending June 30 and hopes to show an additional $1.5 million when campaign finance reports are filed Wednesday.
Think "Woody Harrelson"
"He doesn’t have the appeal or the resources. He’s just out there on a limb," (gibbering and swinging by one arm), said Erwin Hargrove, a professor emeritus of political science at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. "I’m sure that he’s just trying to make an argument for what he believes in." Kucinich vowed to appear not only on the presidential ballot but as a candidate seeking re-election to his House seat. He must file for both by Jan. 2, according to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.
Hedge you bets some more, run for municipal shaman.
"One way or another, come January 2005, I will be taking an oath of office," said Kucinich, who promised to support the Democratic presidential ticket even if it doesn’t include him.
Whether they want him to or not.
Posted by:Atomic Conspiracy

#15  The crooked river fire was before Dennis' time to my recollection. If I'm right that was in the days of Ralph Perk - he who remnoved all the porno from the news stands in the airport. The river fire was back in the days of the Kent State shooting and the nickel beer night riot at the stadium. Ah those were the days.
Posted by: Super Hose   2003-10-14 9:12:49 PM  

#14  Geez, I thought the guy who brought us Fire on the Cuyahoga and legislation against psychotropic weapons in space already declared his candidacy.
Posted by: OminousWhatever   2003-10-14 6:19:17 PM  

#13  Wasn't the hooker in question 'cross the border in Covington, KY.

I miss Traficant... there is no one left to "yield the balance of common sense in the House" back to the chair!
Posted by: eLarson   2003-10-14 5:57:21 PM  

#12  Fred,
The Cincinatti hookers do, but you better have two forms of ID. I grew up in Akron and remeber the days when Dennis' Cleveland became the Mistake By the Lake. Traficant would make a better president - he has better hair.

There are a couple of Ohio women in Congress that are also Bin Laden appologists like the lady in Washington state.
Posted by: Super Hose   2003-10-14 4:17:18 PM  

#11  Cincinatti hookers take checks?

Posted by: Fred   2003-10-14 2:23:37 PM  

#10  Traficant was from the West Virgina edge of the state. Kucinich's from Cleveland.

Springer, well, at least Cincinnati stopped voting for him after that little matter of paying a prostitute with a personal check.
Posted by: Robert Crawford   2003-10-14 12:29:45 PM  

#9  and Jerry Springer was mayor of Cincinatti IIRC
Posted by: Frank G   2003-10-14 11:53:50 AM  

#8  James Trafficant was from Ohio as well. Clearly Ohio is trying to compete with California and Florida for the weirdest political climate position.
Posted by: Yank   2003-10-14 11:19:16 AM  

#7  The reason Kicinich has survived and thrived so long, despite running Cleveland into the ground is that he thrives on hydrogen sulfide.
Posted by: Alaska Paul   2003-10-14 11:16:50 AM  

#6  Well, looks like the clown act arrived right on time. Now, where are the jugglers?...
Posted by: mojo   2003-10-14 10:55:11 AM  

#5  Kucinich vowed to appear not only on the presidential ballot but as a candidate seeking re-election to his House seat.

...and he's also running for Skipper of Spaceship Earth, which completes the hat trick.
Posted by: Anonymous   2003-10-14 8:42:34 AM  

#4  state Senate, not U.S Senate. If you have enough moonbats collectivizing and inbreeding, even someone as kooky (and genuinely goofy looking) as Dennis the K can get enough votes, especially on a split ballot
Posted by: Frank G   2003-10-14 8:30:19 AM  

#3  Not to bash the good people of Ohio, but WTF? This moron managed to default Cleveland Ohio. Had to wear a bulletproof vest to a baseball and they still elected him to the senate? What they be puttin' in da water?
Posted by: Swiggles   2003-10-14 8:14:43 AM  

#2  He raised $1.7 million during a three-month period ending June 30 and hopes to show an additional $1.5 million

This twit raised $3.2 million? Was it Martian money?
Posted by: Shipman   2003-10-14 7:49:29 AM  

#1  "Kucinich vowed to appear not only on the presidential ballot but as a candidate seeking re-election to his House seat."

that always inspires confidence
Posted by: Frank G   2003-10-14 7:25:17 AM