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Taliban kill eight in southeast Afghanistan
Resurgent Taliban militia attacked a southeastern district of Afghanistan and killed eight people including an Afghan soldier. “Some 150 Taliban fighters attacked Arghandab district of southeastern Zabul province on Saturday in which eight people were killed,” deputy governor of Zabul province Maulvi Muhammad Omer told Pakistan-based private Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) on Sunday. “Omer also confirmed that one Taliban fighter was killed while two of them were injured in the attack,” AIP report said. Zabul Governor Abdulhafiz Hachem confirmed to AFP in Kabul by phone that the incident had happened, but he did not have any figure for casualties. “Taliban fighter stormed Arghandab from all directions and killed seven guests of a district in charge and one Afghan soldier,” Omer was quoted by AIP as saying.
Wonder who the "guests" were? It sounds like they were the objective, assuming there was an objective...
“The fighting continued till 4.00 am on Sunday morning,” Omer said adding that Taliban set on fire one government vehicle and fled with a wireless set. Omer also admitted that Taliban are again regrouping in Dai chopan mountains, AIP said. Up to 1,000 Afghan soldiers supported by 300 US troops and aircraft were engaged for more than a week last month in the major operation against suspected Taliban and Qaeda bases in Dai chopan district of Zabul province.
Must have gotten a new shipment of cannon fodder from the madrassahs to replace their losses...
Posted by:Fred Pruitt

#2  Must have gotten a new shipment of cannon fodder from the madrassahs to replace their losses...

I would think it was best to erase the new ones before the get experience.
Posted by: Super Hose   2003-10-13 7:42:22 PM  

#1  Time for hot pursuit, borders be damned
Posted by: Frank G   2003-10-13 6:30:08 PM