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Soddies to hold elections?
Probably rigged. But it does bode well for Chicago and Boston.
(Reuters) - Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy, announced Monday it would hold its first elections to vote for municipal councils, seen as the first concrete political reform in the Gulf Arab state. The announcement by the cabinet followed growing demands by reformists on dictator de facto ruler Saud ro’Saud Crown Prince Abdullah to allow wider political participation, elections and freedom of expression in the conservative Muslim kingdom. In taking this action, Saudi Arabia has joined a growing trend toward experiments in democracy in other Gulf Arab countries. The decision also coincided with the opening of the first human rights conference in Riyadh.
Are they for real? Nah, didn’t think so
Posted by:Atrus

#5  Sounds a bit like HL Mencken, too, but it's Tom Stoppard...
Posted by: .com   2003-10-13 7:24:39 PM  

#4  They're like Oman - kinda sticking the old big toe in to see whether the water is warm. Now PeeWee Herman will get elected to the school board in Riyad and the experiment will be over - with authority.
Posted by: Super Hose   2003-10-13 6:09:36 PM  

#3  Spiffo!

LOL.... Where's the quote from? Sounds like Bierce or perhaps Mayor (the real one) Dailey.
Posted by: Shipman   2003-10-13 6:01:41 PM  

#2  There's a quote: "It's not the voting that's democracy; it's the counting."
Posted by: spiffo   2003-10-13 4:38:09 PM  

#1  Requirements for office?:

(1) 4th-cousin or better relationship to the current monarch

(2) Can't be Jewish or Christian (just guessing)
Posted by: snellenr   2003-10-13 4:31:51 PM