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Israel to attack Iran?
The Israeli government is drawing up plans to attack Iran’s nuclear program, according to a report in the German magazine Der Spiegel. The report says a special purpose force of the secret service Mossad received the order two months ago to prepare appropriate plans of attack. The plan calls for the destruction of a half dozen targets by F-16 combat bombers "simultaneously as well as completely" – an action, described as delicate, but "technically possible." In 1981 Israel bombed the Osirak nuclear power station near Baghdad, smashing former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program. But a similar air attack against Iran would be far riskier. Its nuclear sites are dotted across vast expanses and Iran’s eastern border is 800 miles from Israeli air bases, making bombing sorties vulnerable.

WND's a day behind al-Bawaba. We carried this yesterday. Der Spiegle sez, following it up that...
The plans of the Israeli secret service Mossad for the destruction of Iranian atomic plants produced an indignant echo in Teheran. The country will resist with all power a preventive strike of Israel. Teheran reacted to a Der Spiegel report, according to which the government of Ariel Sharon had instructed the Mossad two months ago ago to prepare plans for the destruction of the Iranian atomic plants. Iranian government spokesman Abdullah Ramezanzadeh said in Teheran: "we are accustomed this stupid rhetoric of Israel and consider it not even necessary to answer, but nevertheless Israel knows that it should not engage in mischief with us." Iran is ready to resist such attacks against it with all its power.
Posted by:Yosemite Sam

#4  Nope, not going to happen with an air strike. It would require an air campaign... and that's not going to happen. Improve the Arrow... Render any missle with DONG in it's history, history.
Posted by: Shipman   2003-10-13 6:15:31 PM  

#3  Only if they let us help.
Posted by: (lowercase) matt   2003-10-13 4:43:18 PM  

#2  Looking at a map, I don't think the aircraft strike is possible. How would they get around active US CAP in Iraq and the gulf? What are they going to do, file a flight plan with CentCom?
Posted by: Penguin   2003-10-13 4:22:28 PM  

#1  Dang -feel like a nimrod since it was posted yesterday. the "Honey-Do" list had all my time.
Posted by: Yosemite Sam   2003-10-13 4:21:05 PM