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Middle East
Arabs: U.S. recommends removing Arafat for "health reasons"
From the Saudi Al Watan - salt licks available - interesting for their take on the Fish’s situation
U.S. officials are interested in the quick "disappearance" of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, preferably by natural means, according to a report in the Saudi Al Watan daily.
or unnatural...but violent death at someone else’s hands should be considered natural for Yasshole
In the framework of plans for the "day after" Arafat’s rule, American officials are crystallizing a joint Palestinian leadership, which would rule until elections are held in the Palestinian Authority, the Saudi paper reported Monday. Moreover, the daily said that Arafat’s deteriorating health has accelerated the discussion on the so-called "alternative leadership" plan. According to the report, Washington seeks the removal of Arafat in a non-violent coup — similar to the one which ousted former Tunisian President El Habib Bourgiba by current President Zein El Abadin Bin Ali. In addition, the U.S. officials suggest that Arab doctors create a report which would state that Arafat is currently incapable and unwilling of carrying out his duties. Such a move, according to the officials, would bring about the non-violent removal of the Palestinian leader, replacing it with an alternative leadership — such as the Tunisian precedent.
Not gonna happen - his Force 17 from Navaronne would battle it out...this is sheer speculation
Furthermore, the Americans suggest a scheme, in which Arab leaders and European officials would begin persuading Arafat to resign — and maybe even move to another Arab or European country.
Worked with Sammy, didn't it?... Oh.
The paper, citing U.S, Palestinian and European diplomatic sources, details a list of potential candidates for the alternative future joint leadership in the Post-Arafat period, which would consist of: Former Prime Minister Abu Mazen, current PM Abu Ala, Former Security Minister Mohammed Dahlan, National Security Advisor Gibril Rajoub and General Intelligence Chief Amin Al Hindi.
The Usual Suspects©
Yasser's humiliated Abu Mazen and Abu Alaa as prime ministers. He tried to keep Dahlan out of Abu Mazen's cabinet and rendered him ineffective when Abu Mazen kept him. He pulled a gun on Jibril... I forget how he mistreated al-Hindi.
These officials are due to comprise the future security-political leadership, which is to lead the PA till elections are held.
Meanwhile, Hamas and IJ cannon fodder will be exploding all over the place. It'll look like a Roadrunner cartoon, only with real innocent bystanders...
This joint leadership is needed, according to the Americans and Europeans, because they believe there is no other figure now in the Palestinian Authority that can replace Arafat alone. Meanwhile, a top Palestinian source told Al Watan that the current reports on the deteriorating health of Arafat are not merely "Israeli rumors".
A nugget here?
"Despite the fact that there is no real threat on his life, Egyptian and Jordanian doctors who lately examined Arafat, expressed concern regarding his condition", the source said.
he smells terrible...need to keep him on ice, because he’s decomposing dramatically
The official assessed that "if Arafat were to die a natural death — a civil war in the PA is not expected to break out," however added that "anarchy and confusion for a period of time are likely, until the new Palestinian leadership would be able to base its rule".
"Anarchy and confusion" among the Paleos would be civil war anywhere else...
The paper added that in the PA and Fatah leaderships, an undeclared understanding exists between several Palestinian leaders on the distribution of power and positions currently held by Arafat, in case he were to retire or "disappear". In such a case, according to Palestinian law, the Chief of the Legislative Council temporarily replaces Arafat till elections are held.
That's Ahmed Qurei (Abu Alaa). That makes him a valuable commodity for one faction or the other, a preferred target for others.
Posted by:Frank G

#3  Now Matt....

That is just damn cold.
Accurate but cold, don't you have any feelings?
Posted by: Shipman   2003-10-13 6:35:52 PM  

#2  I wonder what the 18-year olds Palestinians who are about to blow themselves up think of the fact that their fearless leader is going to die of old age (and a rich man to boot.) What's the Arab word for "sucker"?
Posted by: Matt   2003-10-13 4:10:02 PM  

#1  So stuff the old monster, give him a quick coat of shellac, and put him behind his desk. Nobody will notice.
Posted by: mojo   2003-10-13 3:42:24 PM