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Southeast Asia
Indonesian militant gets 20 years for Philippine embassy blast
An Indonesian court on Monday convicted an Islamic militant of bombing the Philippine envoy’s house in 2000 and sentenced him to 20 years in prison.
20 years in an Indonesian prison = hard time
Abdul Jabar was also found guilty of involvement in two church bombings on Christmas Eve 2000. Officials have blamed the attacks on the Al-Qaeda linked South-east Asia terror group Jemaah Islamiah (JI). State prosecutors had urged judges to sentence him to life in prison for his role in preparing the explosives for the Jakarta blast and detonating the device that killed two passers-by and seriously injured the Philippine envoy, Leonidas Caday.
Life in prison sounds like an appropriate punishment for causing two people to be forever dead. But I'm not a judge...
Wearing a white shirt and traditional Muslim cap, he smiled broadly when the verdict was announced. He then told the judge that he would appeal the verdict.
"shuddup, punk! and quit yer smiling"
The Indonesian government, seeking to show it’s getting serious about cracking down on Muslim radicals, has arrested dozens of people over several bombings, including the Oct 12, 2002 twin nightclub blasts on Bali that killed 202 people. Three defendants in that attack have been sentenced to death. Jabar, 33, had admitted in court that he drove the van packed with explosives from the West Java town of Cirebon to the Philippine envoy’s house in Jakarta and that he detonated the explosives using a mobile phone.
"can you hear me now?"
The Philippines had been a target of Islamic militants because of its war against separatist rebels of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the south of that country.
There's no link between them and Jemaah, though. Certainly not...
He also confessed to taking part in a string of church bombings in nine Indonesian cities on Christmas Eve 2000 that killed 19 people. He surrendered to police on Jan 23 on Lombok island, after being persuaded to do so by his family.
Posted by:Frank G

#1  I doubt he'll be smiling when he realizes he'll be making small rocks out of big ones for the next 20 years.
Posted by: Raj   2003-10-13 12:46:29 PM