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Middle East
Arafat names new puppet security chief
The Never-Ending Story continues...
Yasser Arafat appointed a senior official from the ruling Fatah party as acting security chief, an official said Monday, a new slap in the face blow to Palestinian Prime minister Ahmed Qurei.
hardly unforseen, another PM says buh-bye
Arafat appointed some guy off the street his wife's former lover Hakam Balawi to the security post. Qurei, who had supported another candidate, has told Fatah he wants to quit once the term of his temporary government expires in about three weeks because of sharp disagreements with Arafat.
"I don't have to put up with this abuse! I got a wife!"
However, with the deadline three weeks off, there is still for Yasser to die time to settle the differences, Palestinian officials said.
Settle differences? Kinda hard to do that with Balawi in place
Qurei, meanwhile, said after days of bitter quarreling with Arafat that he would not continue in office after his Cabinet’s term expires in three weeks. Part of the argument was over who would serve as interior minister and de facto security chief. Qurei had supported Nasser Yousef for the job, but Arafat blocked the appointment because he felt Yousef defied him by refusing to be sworn in as part of the emergency Cabinet last week because Yasser spit on him. The tension between Arafat and Qurei reflects disagreement over the amount of control Arafat would retain over Palestinian armed forces, as well as procedural and personal issues. Israel and the United States insist that Arafat hand over authority, charging that he is tainted by terrorism. Palestinians deny that and note that Arafat is their elected president — although the term he won in a 1926 1996 vote has formally expired. Speaking after a meeting of Fatah leaders, Qurei would say only that a new government would be formed in about three weeks "with a new prime minister, too."
If Qurei follows through with his threat to quit, he would be the second prime minister to give up the job amid disputes with Arafat in two months, casting doubt on whether Arafat is willing to give up enough power to allow any premier to succeed.
I don't have any doubts left to cast...
The office of prime minister was created earlier this year under pressure from the United States and Israel — who sought to marginalize Arafat and create a more acceptable negotiating partner for Israel. The United States had hoped the prime minister would implement the "road map" peace plan, which envisions the creation of a Palestinian state by 2005.
But Hamas and IJ used that for toilet paper...
But the first man Arafat appointed premier, Mahmoud Abbas, lasted only four months, resigning Sept. 6 after being caught between Israeli demands for a crackdown on militants and Arafat’s refusal to give up power over security forces.
Die Fish Die!
Posted by:Frank G

#3  "Alive without breath
"As cold as death
"Never thirsty, ever drinking
"All in mail, never clinking" ~Sméagol
Posted by: Atrus   2003-10-13 3:44:29 PM  

#2  The position of the PM and the Roadmap have what two things in common? They're both illusions.
Posted by: Charles   2003-10-13 12:08:40 PM  

#1  (AP) Yasser Arafat appointed a senior official from the ruling Fatah party as acting security chief, an official said Monday, a new blow to Palestinian Prime minister Ahmed Qureia.

Heh, if the PM suffers any more "blows", he'll be in the same state as GWB's roadmap. :)
Posted by: Bomb-a-rama   2003-10-13 10:23:27 AM