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Authorities To Close Muslim School in Bonn
After the King Fahd Academy in Bonn, Germany, came under investigation for alleged ties to the terrorist network al Qaeda, the regional commissioner has threatened to shut down the Saudi Arabian sponsored school. After a documentary aired on German public television a week ago, interest in the activities at the Arab-language King Fahd Academy in Bonn was heightened. According to the show "Panorama," the school had come under investigation for allegedly harboring ties to the terrorist network al Qaeda and other fundamental Muslim groups believed to operate in Germany.

In addition, German security agencies had been reporting a significant influx of radical Islamists to the Bad Godesberg neighborhood in the former German capital where the school is located. School authorities are now alarmed. What initially started out as a recognized alternative for temporary residents in Bonn has now turned into a regular institution for parents who want their children brought up in a strictly Muslim environment. With only one hour of German per week compared to six hours of Arabic and eight hours of religious instruction, the school does little to integrate the children into their German surroundings, where statistics show the majority of them will later reside after graduation. Both educators and security forces are worried that the school is a breeding ground for Islamic fundamentalism and anti-democratic principles.

According to the newsmagazine Der Spiegel, which quotes sources from within the interior ministry, the academy has attracted Islamists from across Germany to Bonn. The magazine reports that several fundamentalists well-known to security authorities, have sent their children to the school and to its affiliated mosque. Among them are Mamoud A, former head of the Islamist group frequented by Christian Ganczarski, the suspected accomplice of the Djerba bomber, and the Egyptian Sayed M., suspected member in the al-Tawhid group with connections to al Qaeda. The Spiegel also reports that investigators have found traces linking the imprisoned al Qaeda financier Mamduh Salim to the school. In addition, the magazine says that the imam at the affiliated mosque has reportedly called upon teachers at the academy to prepare pupils for the "holy war."
I'm consistently amazed that newspapers and magazines can find this sort of things out — when they want to — and the cops can't. Of course, when the cops do find such things out, it's the same newspapers who carry the stories about how the Islamists are being picked on and their rights violated.
As a result of such reports and findings by security investigations, the regional commissioner for the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, JÃŒrgen Roters, has called for the closure of the school and the removal of its right to educate. "My goal is to shut the school, but we must do it according to the law," he told the Spiegel. State Premier Peer SteinbrÃŒck endorsed the decision, saying whoever fights against the principles of freedom should not be allowed to educate children. "We will not tolerate intolerance," the state leader was quoted in the same magazine report on Saturday.
This is just the tip of the iceburg:
The Kingdom, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, has established 210 Islamic centers in non-Islamic countries in Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia....The Kingdom also established a number of Islamic academies abroad. Among them, are the Islamic Academy in Washington at a cost of 100 million US dollars, where multinational students are taking lessons; King Fahd Academy in London whose students belong to 40 nationalities; King Fahd Academy in Moscow; King Fahd Academy in Bonn, which cost 30 million German Marks.
Posted by:Paul Moloney

#13  Really? Well, Canadia's lousy with the things, if you want some...
Posted by: Anonymous   2003-10-12 4:45:50 PM  

#12  Considering that we don't have a single moose in Germany...
Posted by: True German Ally   2003-10-12 3:01:03 PM  

#11  regional commissioner has threatened to shut down the Saudi Arabian sponsored school. After a documentary aired on German public television a week ago, interest in the activities at the Arab-language King Fahd Academy in Bonn was heightened.

When the people lead, the leaders will follow. At least in Germany people are starting to recognize the threat and are putting the heat on the govt to do something. After the latest Gitmo and Mousow-ee fiascos, people on this side of the pond are beginning to wake up. We are in a race between prudent rational action and PC. I hope #1 wins for all our sake.

BTW, my wife and I drive 3300 lb Audi A4 quattros. They're snow sharks on snowy, icy roads, get 25 mpg, and you can walk away after hitting a 1500 lb moose or a Alaska Brown Bear. Pass the thanks on, TGA.
Posted by: Alaska Paul   2003-10-12 1:19:24 PM  

#10  Wonder how the Russians are playing the "Saudi" Muslim holy school in Moscow? Wonder how many of the students went back 'home' fully-competent Russian spies? This stuff works both ways, you know. One other thing - if they don't speak the local language, and they don't integrate, they're easy to wipe out. The Jews in several countries illustrate the point. With the Jews, the local countries segregated them, with the Muslims, they segregate themselves.

BTW, I drive a Dodge Caravan. Trying to get into one of those tiny little tin boxes with my bad back puts me in a REALLY foul mood. The oil problem is two-fold: the "environmentalists" force up the price by denying us the right to exploit our own, and the Saudis are right there, waiting to give us a 'good deal'. Second part of the problem is that the envirowackos haven't a clue about human nature, and want everything built to a "one size fits all" mentality. The world doesn't work that way, and never will. There will always be enough people rebel to keep things going along the current path. Frankly, I think that if we put as much money into research as is wasted by having to meet over-stringent regulation imposed by the lunatic fringe, we could be enjoying fusion energy, some really CHEAP solar energy (in some areas - doesn't work in Northern Alaska, for instance), and much more. The problem is cost: it's never going to be cost-efficient for most "alternative energies" because they're not 100% reliable. If you have to have the coal plant anyway to back up the solar panels, why spend money on the solar panels in the first place? Some people deny what they know in order to embrace what they THINK they know, but don't. The problem is, we're paying the price, and I'm getting damned mad about it. Piece in today's Gazette is a good example: "rely on wind power". Yeah, right. It would "only" boost the price of electricity 270%, but that's not given in the story.
Posted by: Old Patriot   2003-10-12 12:19:46 PM  

#9  NM,figures.I rode the bus for awhile in Tucson,got tired of taking 2hours to get where I wanted to go when I could drive there in 20 minutes.Also figures you to be a city boy.Where I live haveing a 4x4,or a truck is a necessity.I take it you have never whent to pull your boat out of the water,or whent on a picnic with the family and sank to the frame in sand or mud.Personally,I will never give up my Ford pickem-up-truck to make some tree-huggin fool(NMM)happy.

TGA,you called it.And a hearty well done for you side.
Posted by: Raptor   2003-10-12 8:21:23 AM  

#8  As I predicted when the story was first posted here... we won't do schools the French way here.
Posted by: True German Ally   2003-10-12 4:04:45 AM  

#7  Whew! For being a drooling invalid perv, old Fathead is a bizzy guy! And you can bet the curriculum is a loaded gun pointed at each of the states allowing these "academies" to be built.

At least these shit-magnets can help identify the carriers of the coming plague... So, uh, sprechen se Arabeek, dood?
Posted by: .com   2003-10-12 4:01:54 AM  

#6  I had an Audi 80 once. I got rid of it after the hood decided to come unlatched and open w-i-i-i-de. On the autobahn.
Posted by: Fred   2003-10-12 2:06:32 AM  

#5  A Passat? I'd crush that shit even with my governor (max speed - 108 MPH) on the Intrepid. (Sorry, my first car was a VW Rabbit C series, had to hot wire the bastard to get it running, speaker wire to the fuel pump and throw it on while you're running the piece of shit down the road before you drop the clutch to start it). No, I'm not bitter...

Go figure. In America I'm an alcoholic. In Scotland I'm normal...
Posted by: Raj   2003-10-12 1:25:46 AM  

#4  MY reference was to the drug addict radio host Rush Limbaugh encouraging people to drive SUV's to piss off the environmentalists. Personally I drive a VW Passat because European and Japanese vehicles are more reliable and more importantly hold their value
Posted by: Not Mike Moore   2003-10-12 1:15:32 AM  

#3  Who needs oil? I take the bus!
Posted by: Not Mike Moore   2003-10-12 1:12:44 AM  

#2  Among them, are the Islamic Academy in Washington at a cost of 100 million US dollars,

Al-aska Paul (Pierce?) pointed it out earlier today, but I'm sorry, it's time to adopt non-PC techniques (The Klingon empire will never yield). I am so sick of this shit. Can I change my name to Smith? How about Wesson?

NMM - I drive an Intrepid, 3.5L, fast and furious - how much guilt will you assign me?
Posted by: Raj   2003-10-12 1:08:37 AM  

#1  Your petro dollars at work--drive more SUV's make the Saudi's richer! The scary thing is that the US is at the point of dealing with this Islamic invasion that the Euros were 15 years ago--they ignored it--told their citizens to shut up they needed cheap labor--more business interests than PC Euro babble--now they reap the "whirlwind" of an enemy within--which exactly is what these Islamonutz are
Posted by: Not Mike Moore   2003-10-12 12:50:02 AM