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Dozens killed as Nepal truce ends
At least 35 Maoist rebels have died in an attack on a Nepalese police post ending a nine-day ceasefire, according to officials. At least three policemen were also killed when the rebels tried to overrun the compound in Khas-Kusum, near the western town of Dang.
I’m sure Mao would have approved of the revolutionary zeal demonstrated in the human wave attack. I don’t think I have ever heard of 35 dying to kill 3 policemen. Guess we know which precinct that the Ghurkas join when they retire.
High body counts are common in Nepal, on both sides.
The fierce gun battle, which began late on Friday, continued until Saturday morning, police say. The clash puts an end to a nine-day truce declared by the rebels for the Hindu festival of Dashain.
Nothing like celebrating Dashain in the city of Dang. Why would a marxist movement stop fighting to celebrate a religious festival. Didn’t they read the part about the opiate of the masses? Religious holidays are for attacks not truces -- see Tet Offensive boys.
Violence did not stop during the ceasefire. Eight people were reported killed in separate clashes between the security forces and the rebels on Thursday.
Sounds like a Hudna -- but maybe it’s a Honda or a Hyundai in Nepal. You know, no storming the police office but a few rocket attacks and molotov’s are OK as long as it’s kept below the violence level demosntrated at a British football match.
There has been a surge in fighting since peace talks between the government and rebels broke down in August. Nearly 8,000 people have died since the Maoist rebels launched their armed struggle in 1996 to replace Nepal’s monarchy with a communist republic.
You would think that eventually the rebels would buy some news papers from around the world and realize that successful maoist revolutions lead to regimes that generally suck.
Posted by:Super Hose

#2  More Maoists. Sheesh. How come people that clueless don't just up an' fall over dead from lack of brain activity?

Explain THAT to me...
Posted by: mojo   2003-10-11 3:15:05 PM  

#1  reading newspapers for news rather than party propaganda? How quaint
Posted by: Frank G   2003-10-11 1:16:55 PM