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Home Front
New Guantanamo Arrests ’Imminent’
Nearly two dozen investigators are searching for possible security breaches at the U.S. prison for terror suspects, officials said Thursday at the camp where espionage charges have heightened tensions. Sources familiar with the investigation said two more arrests may be imminent."
I’ll take a leap of faith, and predict the new arrestees will be of the Muslim faith.
"The translators, from San Diego-based Titan Corp., arrived as officials boosted security by closely monitoring e-mail messages, asking troops to report suspicious behavior, and postponing the assignment of another Muslim chaplain."
The new Muslim chaplain is already under suspicion, and he hasn’t arrived yet, what are the odds.
"Both military and civilian officials acknowledge part of the problem is finding qualified linguists for Guantanamo, where about 70 translators help 200 interrogators in 17 languages."
No, the real problem is finding loyal linguists.
"Levitt said if there were three security breaches at Guantanamo it represented "a colossal intelligence failure.""
Wrong again. The security breaches represent a colossal policy failure. The translators and the chaplain were not singled out for extra scrutiny because the official position of the United States is that Islam is a ’religion of Peace’, and ’real Islam has nothing to do with terrorism."
Posted by:Sorge

#10  Maybe we need Mossad translators. We are not playing pat-a-cake ya know. We need results. PC will kill us. It almost did 9-11. We are the most powerful nation in the world, yet we are stumbling around like a cave troll. Let's get with the program with good arabic translators.
Posted by: Alaska Paul   2003-10-10 1:40:26 PM  

#9  The article used one Jewish Group as a sample. Unfortunately, the folks applying for positions out of that group had all operated with the IDF. I don't know that the answer to Al Q infiltration should be Mossad infiltration. In a pinch, though, you could have each infiltrator provide opposing translations and interpolate.
Posted by: Super Hose   2003-10-10 12:40:43 PM  

#8  Sorge,

"but doing what you propose would be discriminatory against muslims."

-Seems to me several muslims serving in our service have already scewed it up for the rest. I'm not saying we can't still use muslims, but the problem is the Wahabbi sect picks U.S. Military Islamic clerics, I'd change that in a heart beat first of all. Second, I'm talking more about the interrogators but even if we did disguise Arab Christians as clerics to go down to Gitmo I can't think of a law against it as they're not POWs - they're enemy combatants. My point is that we're fighting a war. I'm not worried about scoring political points, I'm not worried about pissing off the PC crowd, I'm concerned w/saving American lives and killing the enemies of our country with speed and certainty.

Do you think the military would be allowed to do so?

-From a PC standpoint definitely not. CIA involvement would be more necessary. However, who says we have to reveal to the Gitmo prisoners that their "new" IT's or faux-clerics are Christians. F*ck'em they're not POWs - they're enemy combatants, we can lie and be deceitful to them as much as we want to get the info we need.

I know my logic may seem crass but this is what I think needs to be done to help handle the security leaks.
Posted by: Jarhead   2003-10-10 12:36:11 PM  

#7  Jarhead, but doing what you propose would be discriminatory against muslims. Do you think the military would be allowed to do so?
Posted by: Sorge   2003-10-10 11:42:03 AM  

#6  I put this in another post the other day but the reasoning is similar:

I'm originally from the Detroit area where not all Arabs are Muslims. There's actually a good portion of Lebanese, Syrians, Paleos, & Iraqis (known as Chaldeans in Detroit) who are Catholic/Eastern Orthodox and very anti-Sammie & anti-Muslim. My best friend growing up is Lebanese & Catholic. His family (who came over about the time Lebanon really went to shit) and many others despise the muslims and blame them for the troubles in Lebanon as well as Israel. My angle would be to try to recruit these types of folks for Interrogator-Translator (we call it IT in the Corps) duty. Most of the Christian Arabs I know are hard working, decent people just trying to get by like any of us. I don't think they're would be any loyalty issue as the big component of faith is out the window.
Posted by: Jarhead   2003-10-10 9:15:53 AM  

#5  Speaking of Islamist infiltration of the FBI, has anyone heard the fate of that agent that refused to do his duty when it involved Muslim criminals?
Posted by: Robert Crawford   2003-10-10 8:54:51 AM  

#4  TGA said Here is something I really can't understand: FBI: Jews need not apply for Arabic linguist jobs

I think you may explain this in two possible ways:
1. The FBI is paranoid about anything Jewish being a security risk in view of possible double allegiance to Israel or the Mossad.

2. The FBI has been already infilterated by pro-moslem elements and simply does not give a fuck about their ablity to handle the arabic translation problem. It's like sayin we (the FBI) successfully survived the 9/11 fiasco with no heads rolling - we will therefore survive any other future fiasco without much damage, and the hell with everyone else.
even if this is a very extreme portrayal of whats going on, at least you have to admit that the "religious sensitivity" training being preached to trained FBI operators suspiciously sounds like stupid democrat leftist sensitivity mumbo jumbo

3. considering the first two possibilities, I have a piece of advice for the FBI dministration: start sending some five year old american youngsters to the madrassas in pakland or sodi arabia. In 20-25 years you will surely have enough qualified arabic translators. Hopefully by that time there will be no need for them because the islamic theocratic republic of the united states will not be the enemy of any terrorist.
Posted by: The Dodo   2003-10-10 7:31:24 AM  

#3  No, the real problem is finding loyal linguists.

Let's let the Marines instruct the POWs in English. It will help them with their future job prospects.
Posted by: Shipman   2003-10-10 7:30:13 AM  

#2  Here is something I really can't understand:

FBI: Jews need not apply for Arabic linguist jobs
Posted by: True German Ally   2003-10-10 6:10:37 AM  

#1  IT has been reported elsewhere that UBL has proclaimed himself a prophet. Which makes him and his ilk blasphemers and not "real muslims"

But they would be more than happy to engage in all out religious war between the West and all of Islam. Not something a lot of Muslims are looking forward to, and won't play along with as long as we don't. We make this a war against all Islam, we are playing into the terrorists hands.

It may be dishonest in some respects, but if it is required to make our job easier and our victory more achievable, its a small price to pay.
Posted by: Ben   2003-10-10 5:58:14 AM