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Africa: Southern
Trade union leaders arrested in Zimbabwe, again.
In a continued programme of harassment against trade unionists, at around 17h00 yesterday, Zimbabwean police arrested 5 high-level members of the ICFTU-affiliated Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), including its General Secretary, Wellington Chibhebhe. Although the detained trade unionists were later released, the arrests are a chilling reminder of the repression and intimidation faced by all those who do not support the policies of President Robert Mugabe’s regime.
On the good side, several rotary clubs and the Harare Kiwanis have yet to be surpressed.
In a recent interview with the ICFTU Chibhebhe deplored the increasing repression against trade unionists, stating that "the ZCTU has been equated as the opposition, wherever we go we are tailed and even within the ZCTU it is not possible to speak freely."
That’s because they are not the press. The properly liscenced press is free to say anything that we tell them to.
His, and the other 4 arrests came against a background of steep economic decline and on the eve of a 10 December national strike called by a coalition of civic groups and supported by the ZCTU. Initial reports indicate that tens of thousands of workers have joined the strike, although in some areas, fear of reprisals by the Mugabe regime has left workers with no option but to report to work.
It’s OK this repression is approved by South Africa. It’s legitimate repression.
Posted by:Superhose

#1  Can we schedule a Jimmy Caqrte trip to Zimbabwe? They have quite a few problems there.
Posted by: Superhose   2003-10-9 4:12:39 PM