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Sarkozy: Please Don’t Boo Me Any More, I Surrender!!!
France’s five million Muslims do not enjoy the same rights as the country’s other citizens and might need positive discrimination efforts to reach an equal footing, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said yesterday.
"F'rinstance, they need their own Caliph, with a jewelled turban and some dancing girls. It's good for their self-esteem..."
French Muslims, mostly of North African Arab origin, face prejudice at work and a shortage of mosques and other religious services in comparison to other religions, he told an official committee preparing to institute Shariah reviewing the law separating church and state.
How do Frenchies living in Algeria make out? Lotsa churches for them to go to? No prejudice at work, I imagine. And of course they're secure in their homes and persons...
“The term ‘positive discrimination’ doesn’t scare me but being heckled does,” he said, arguing that favoring Muslims might be the only way to create role models for the community. France has traditionally shunned anything that smacks of ethnic profiling. Paris created the commission to consider how to surrender to integrate Europe’s largest Islamic minority at a time when young Muslims — sometimes encouraged by fundamentalists — appear to identify more with their faith than their French citizenship. Noting that many towns refused building permits for mosques on technical grounds, he remarked: “We’ve spent more energy using zoning laws to block the building of mosques than we have to protect our borders when we are attacked seashores.” Muslims also had no schools in France to train imams, or prayer leaders, forcing congregations to recruit men abroad who often speak no French and sometimes preach extremism.
Didn’t they just open such a school out in Provence?
Betcha that makes one more Islamic school than there are seminaries in Algeria...
Sarkozy also criticized French intellectuals who single out Islam for discriminating against women, saying this was a problem in all religions. “I don’t see a lot of women in the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in France,” he observed.
Yup, Catholicism is a lot like Islam. I remember having to flee for my safety every time I talked to or even made eye contact with a Protestant boy. And when my mother became an atheist, my priest urged my male relatives to kill her....oh, wait a minute. Never happened.
Stoning adultresses, the auto-da-fe, same thing. As soon as the Catholics stop burning people at the stake... Oh. They have. Never mind.
The minister told the committee that a tougher law that would bar women and girls from wearing traditional Muslim headscarves when they attend school or work in a state office was “neither necessary nor useful nor opportune.”
Funny, I thought Turkey had a similar law until recently. They must have found it useful.
The current law, which dates back to 1905, already rules out the wearing of religious symbols in public offices and schools, he said, and a tougher new one would only isolate Muslims and encourage them to take a more radical stand.
Police statistics showed there were now far fewer cases of girls refusing to take off their headscarves in state schools than a decade ago, he said, citing figures of 1,123 such cases in 1994 compared to only a few hundred now.
"We are making progress! We must surrender now!"

Any bets on when Francistan implements Shariah?
Posted by:Baba Yaga

#5  He could have at least waited until someone brought out a water gun before surrendering.
Posted by: Charles   2003-10-9 11:54:50 AM  

#4  I'd go further and call it "racism" myself. Or perhaps "faithism". After all, if anyone publicly proposed excluding Muslim individuals in favour of non-Muslim French indviduals for positions, what else would it be called? The same goes for all other forms of so-called positive discrimination. Here in the UK there have been calls for penalising students from fee-paying schools in favour of state school pupils, when it comes to university placements. Apparently, to some people, paying extra out of your own pocket for more-than-bog-standard schooling for your children requires punishment, as it gives them the heinously unfair advantage of a better education. You see, it's not your ability, it's your background that counts. And if your face doesn't fit, you can f*&% off.
Posted by: Bulldog   2003-10-9 8:51:30 AM  

#3  "Majority discrimination" would be more fitting.
Posted by: Jarhead   2003-10-9 7:23:09 AM  

#2  "Positive Discrimination". Whenever I hear that oxymoron I wonder whether the espouser is simply stupid or morally deranged. It's always one or the other.
Posted by: Bulldog   2003-10-9 5:51:44 AM  

#1  "positive discrimination"

Uh, isn't this new-speak for affirmative action?

JFM, are you ready to come home, yet? You've been on assignment over there long enough, bro!
Posted by: .com   2003-10-9 3:50:03 AM