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‘313’ responsible for sectarian killings
Yet another Jihadi grouping in Pakland, only this one has lamest name yet. I assume the group has 313 members, or perhaps it refernces the Quran.
While holding the newly formed jihadi-cum-sectarian outfit ‘313’ as responsible for Friday’s killings in Karachi, investigators fear that more such incidents might take place by Ramazan anywhere in the country as the terrorists want to destabilise the Musharraf government. Well-placed sources in the Interior Ministry told The News that the outfit ‘313’ was an alliance of three banned militant organisations - Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen al-Alami and Harkat Jihad-ul-Islami.
Sounds like another name for the Muslim United Army
"Basically, the organisation ‘313’ was formed by militants of three proscribed outfits, who had fought in Afghanistan alongside the Taliban. It aims to target Western interests in the country and its activists may also have connections with al-Qaeda," said a senior government official, adding: "But we have reports that in order to destabilise the government, the militants belonging to 313 may carry out sectarian killings and attacks on minorities as well." A senior intelligence official said: "The outfit 313 was involved in the Quetta carnage that left 53 people dead. But it was decided at the very high level that the name of this organisation should not be disclosed. We believe that the same organisation is also behind today’s incident." Sources disclosed that recently the Interior Ministry sent a list of more than a dozen well-known personalities, belonging to the Shia sect to the provinces, directing them to provide them foolproof security, as it was feared that these persons could be attacked by the militants of ‘313’. Intelligence sources feared that more such attacks might take place on places of worship of Shia and Sunni sects, as previous records showed that sectarian killings increased before the commencement of Ramazan.
I guess these guys could have wacked Azam Tariq to stir up trouble, but I would still put the blame on Shias who had gotten sick of being slaughtered by his followers.
Posted by:Paul Moloney

#9  Flaming Sword,

"one bag of pork rinds....two burritos.......three bowls of Texas chili.......and that's the bottomline......."
Posted by: Jarhead   2003-10-9 10:47:26 PM  

#8  I'm eagerly awaiting Jarhead to tell me what he had for lunch that he washed down with "one beer...two beers....three beers!"
Posted by: Flaming Sword   2003-10-9 4:11:44 PM  

#7  Quran 3:13 Say to those who disbelieve, `You shall be overcome and be gathered unto Hell; and an evil place of rest it is.'

Austin 3:16 Says, 'You just got your ass whipped.'
Posted by: Jarhead   2003-10-9 1:25:26 PM  

#6  So, Kathy, hell is like Las Vegas?

That's how I imagine it. Vegas without the all-you-can-eat buffets and that great little rollercoaster on the top of the NY/NY. I really don't want to go back there any time soon.
Posted by: Bulldog   2003-10-9 9:26:36 AM  

#5  313 isn't very catchy. I would name my group The Psycho Yeti. It has a grundgy garage band feel to it.
Posted by: Superhose   2003-10-9 9:22:18 AM  

#4  So, Kathy, hell is like Las Vegas?
Posted by: Chuck Simmins   2003-10-9 8:29:34 AM  

#3  Quran 3:13
Say to those who disbelieve, `You shall be overcome and be gathered unto Hell; and an evil place of rest it is.'
Posted by: Kathy K   2003-10-9 8:16:28 AM  

#2  the organisation ‘313’

-they probably watched the film 8-Mile w/eminem and wanted to be down w/the homeys so they took the area code for the city of Detroit.

Posted by: Jarhead   2003-10-9 7:22:12 AM  

#1  Perhaps it's their abbreviation for "31337"?
Posted by: Robert Crawford   2003-10-9 6:55:29 AM