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I try not to be too crude when posting...

Really. I try.

But then I see something like this...

If you need this, you're just too damned lazy.

Courtesy of Corsair the Rational Pirate...

Posted by:Fred Pruitt

#6  I am delighted that you have chosen to respond at last to one of the people posting comments on your blog. While the subject of the sex/slave trade is indeed horrendous, I am sure I am not alone in wishing that you would engage and debate with those of us posing hard and difficult questions about the impending EU Constitutioncrisis that is likely to result from a rejection by French and Dutch voters. Surely this is a paramount subject for you - Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication - to be addressing. It wont go away, you know.
Posted by: Kyn Maon   2005-09-09 21:35  

#5  In case nobody noticed, this is from a year ago. I must've hit the "year ago link". Well worth the trip back in time though.
Posted by: tu3031   2004-10-08 4:03:21 PM  

#4  Behold again the Japanese genius for micro-technology
Posted by: lex   2004-10-08 3:55:40 PM  

#3  Doesn't that beat all???
Posted by: John (Q. Citizen)   2004-10-08 3:44:53 PM  

#2  Pretty large unit for a Japanese, eh? Also, does the hand have it's nails done? No wedding band? ;-)
Posted by: Brett_the_Quarkian   2004-10-08 3:40:23 PM  

#1  Man, now that's Hall of Fame lazy!
I can only imagine the Chinglish directions that come with it.
Posted by: tu3031   2004-10-08 3:29:52 PM