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Arnold’s Director - "Vote No to Arnold"
Hat Tip to Drudge
The executive producer of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent film COLLATERAL DAMAGE is warning colleagues in a purported email: ’Please be sure to vote NO on the recall. I know Arnold personally. He is in no way qualified to govern anybody or anything’...
Posted by:Yosemite Sam

#10  Drudge may dislike Arnold because Der Terminator is just another celebrity who mistakes fame for knowledge. Have you heard Arnold give in-depth explanations of specific things he'd do as governor? It's not pretty.
Having said that, I would still vote for Arnold over the socialists like Davis or Bustamante.
Posted by: Uncle Joe   2003-10-6 11:47:10 PM  

#9  Roger's right, and I'm glad to see him here -
Posted by: Frank G   2003-10-6 9:31:06 PM  

#8  Why do you say "Director" in the headline when it's his "Producer?" Two different jobs.

Of course, who cares either way? The interesting question is why DRudge hates Arnold so much. It's almost pathological, has been from the outset.
Posted by: RLS   2003-10-6 8:34:31 PM  

#7  Did you say Abel Weiss?

Abel Weiss, Abel Weiss you make money for me, to pee, shrewd but nice Abel Weiss bless my PR forever....... more.

Posted by: Shipman   2003-10-6 7:25:20 PM  

#6  Anyone know the words to "edleweiss"?

I can tell you of about 10 people who were on the fence over the whole recall, have now come down squarely in favor of it as a result of the Davis campaign "tammany" style election approach.

One of these folks said something very important: "If they (davis) can do this kind of thing to a celebrity who has the means to fight back, what will they do to us little people if we speak out against Davis? if we dont stop him now, whats to stop him from taking revenge afterwards? Does any of us believe they would not stoop that low?"
Posted by: frank martin   2003-10-6 6:16:51 PM  

#5  This is amazing...

that is, it's amazing that anyone associated with this film (18% on the TomatoMeter) would feel qualified to pass judgement on anyone else's qualifications for anything...
Posted by: snellenr   2003-10-6 6:13:13 PM  

#4  --"I spent 6 months with him, he showed ZERO leadership qualities. Even less understanding of budgets...--

So says someone intimately familiar w/Hollywood accounting.
Posted by: Anonymous   2003-10-6 6:07:56 PM  

#3  This yahoo is a big supporter of the Dims. What you are seeing is the last death-throws of the Davis administration. Let it thrash about it will be dead soon. VOTE EARLY! VOTE OFTEN! VOTE ARNOLD!

Inhalers and Gropers for Arnold.
Posted by: Cyber Sarge (VRWC CA Chapter)   2003-10-6 6:07:52 PM  

#2  Eh, I think what was really being referred to was not understanding the wonders of profligate spending.
Posted by: Dishman   2003-10-6 5:51:05 PM  

#1  Even less understanding of budgets.

The guy's a multimillionaire, isn't he? I'd say that he probably has a rather decent understanding of budgets.
Posted by: Bomb-a-rama   2003-10-6 5:19:46 PM