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Bahrain 'will never tolerate terrorism'
Bahrain will never tolerate acts of terrorism or allow them to deflect the kingdom from its path of democratic re-form, His Majesty King Hamad pledged yesterday. "The democratic process will not be reversed and we will progress along the path of reform with every determination and resolve, defending our national approach," he told a meeting of security chiefs.
"We ain't gonna put up with that tiresome crap here."
The King said Thursday night's attack on a minibus in Sitra which injured five policemen had coincided with Bahrain gaining membership of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Geneva. "The Bahrain parliamentary delegation was well received by the union and accordingly we have the right to wonder who is behind Thursday's incident," he said. "No-one can justify or accept any kind of terrorism that confronts the revival of the democratic process. Bahrain will not tolerate any kind of terrorism especially as it is now known how much damage terrorism has caused to the interests of Arabs and Muslims."
"It was okay when it was just Jews that were getting it..."
The King also called on people who made provocative remarks and speeches to consider the implications of their words. He said the incitement of acts of extremism and violence were inseparable from the acts of terrorism themselves. These acts led to the killing of innocent people, damage to property and the intimidation of peaceful men, women and children. "We call upon those behind these words to think sincerely and to balance their speeches in order to protect our youth and to show responsibility," he said.
They're really taking this seriously if they arrest the clerics who're whipping up the rubes...
The King warned: "As a result of the diversity of terrorist acts throughout the region and the whole world, the responsibility of security forces has to include facing up to and combating terrorism. At the same time the security forces must maintain national security in a manner which allows for the democratic and human dimension."
Posted by:Fred Pruitt

#2  The Suadis must have OK'd his speech.
Posted by: Super Hose   2003-10-5 10:28:46 PM  

#1  Finally someone in charge in the Arab world is telling the terrorists to knock it off. I'll give him some credit for that.
Posted by: Baba Yaga   2003-10-5 10:17:14 PM