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Middle East
Palestinian suicide attack kills 19 bystanders in Haifa restaurant
A Palestinian woman wrapped in explosives blew herself up Saturday inside a seaside restaurant popular with both Arabs and Jews, killing 19 bystanders, including four children.
Suppose I don’t have to comment that line. Oh, maybe it helps to go back to the "source", the Arab News.
Female Bomber Strikes
Nazir Majally, Asharq Al-Awsat
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, 5 October 2003 — A Palestinian woman blew herself up in a crowded restaurant in Haifa yesterday, killing 19 bystanders. At least 55people, including Maccabi Haifa coach Ronnie Levy and two other senior club officials, were wounded in the attack on the Maxim Restaurant, co-owned by Arabs and Jews.
You can do more: Go to Google News and type in "19 bystanders". And marvel.
Posted by:True German Ally

#9  Like a lot of leftist turds, Stevey gets a serious hard-on when the Palestinians kill women and children.
Posted by: Robert Crawford   2003-10-5 10:37:41 PM  

#8  When you walk the streets of Haifa, you see a beautiful city that could be in Europe, but there is a tension there that made me extremely uncomfortable even ten years ago. I imagine the feeling was the same in Beirut when it was still the Paris of the ME.
Posted by: Super Hose   2003-10-5 1:53:52 PM  

#7  "push 1 if you want to speak to an intelligent human; push 2 if you wish to speak to stevey"
Posted by: Frank G   2003-10-5 11:58:08 AM  

#6  Leave Stevey alone. He had to work Saturday at the call center.
Posted by: Shipman   2003-10-5 10:48:40 AM  

#5  oh crap. you mean we went into Iraq to solve the Palestinian problem too ? Did Bush promise the Iraq war would cure baldness and impotence too ?
Posted by: eyeyeye   2003-10-5 8:50:38 AM  

#4  Screw you,Syeveyboy.Does your Mama know you are such an ass?

Excuse me,the best part of you ran down your Mama's leg.
Posted by: Raptor   2003-10-5 7:07:56 AM  

#3  stevey's baaaaccckkk - asshole
Posted by: Frank G   2003-10-5 6:36:39 AM  

#2  Yes. And after Teheran. It will be Damascus and Ryad.

Seems you don't like having people no longerr being
tortured. What is the problem? You have a business
in plastic shredders?
Posted by: JFM   2003-10-5 4:39:39 AM  

#1  so is saddam to blame for this...coz bush said that the key to peace in Israel-palestine is defeating saddam and changing the Iraqi regime. Was that woman one of those saddam loyalists who being blamed for all that goes wrong in the middle east these days ? Hahahaha now American soldiers have been to baghdad and back and there r still suicide bombings. What next, good morning tehran ?
Posted by: stevestradamus   2003-10-5 4:16:04 AM