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Zawahiri tape came from Pakistan
A new audiotape attributed to Osama bin Laden’s second-in-command was received via telephone from Pakistan, Al-Jazeera television said on Monday. “An anonymous caller from Pakistan contacted us to offer Ayman al-Zawahiri’s message,” said Al-Jazeera spokesman Jihad Ballout.
"Mr. Ballout, I have an anonymous caller on line one..."
“The message was recorded by telephone and broadcast immediately,” he added. Rival Arabic channel Al-Arabiya also aired the same tape on Sunday night, but the Dubai-based news station refused to give any details about the tape’s source.
Recorded it off al-Jazeera's broadcast, did they? Tusk tusk...
Posted by:Fred Pruitt

#3  "Hello, Leftone? This is Ballout, how ya hangin'"?

sorry...couldn't resist.
Posted by: R. McLeod   2003-10-1 12:38:01 AM  

#2  What do you suppose the odds are on the Dubai government having allowed the FBI to trace every call made into al-Jezeera's offices?
Posted by: Steve   2003-9-30 7:54:20 PM  

#1  Anyone interested in forging a Al-Q 'tape'? Just call their office and ask for Mr Ballout.

I think Al-jaz created this tape in-house.
Posted by: CrazyFool   2003-9-30 4:59:24 PM