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Axis of Evil
Students warn Kamenei right back...
A leader of Iranian students warned Ayatollah Ali Khamenehe’i not to repeat his threats to unleash forces of repression against them, or face "all the consequences" such a move may bear for the Islamic Republic. "If Mr. Khameneh’i thinks that he is going to intimidate us with his so-called popular forces, he is utterly wrong", the source told Iran Press Service, referring to the leader’s warning of using "popular forces" to deal with present students unrest.
That should make the ayatollah feel all warm and cozy...
In remarks made Monday evening during a meeting with the Heads of the three powers as well as the regime’s highest personalities, Ayatollah Khameneh'i had stated that "if the three branches of power could not, or would not want to resolve nation’s important problems, then the leader might call on the popular force to enter the arena in order to tackle the problems".
"Tough guys in the street! That's what we need, by Gar! That's the only language these infidels... uh... citizens understand!"
Iranian political analysts interpreted Mr. Khameneh'i’s remarks as a menace to stage a coup, a move, they said, was advised to him by hard-line conservatives led by Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the Chairman of the advisory Assembly for Discerning the Interests of the State, or the Expediency Council.
Also former president, and cheesed off unsuccessful candidate for the presidency. What's the word they use to describe unsuccessful candidates? Can't seem to remember... Oh, yeah. Loser.
They also said though the lamed leader did not clearly explain what he meant by "the forces of the people", but he was obviously referring to the Revolutionary Guards, the Basij volunteers and the Hezbollah pressure groups that are under his own payroll.
Posted by:Fred Pruitt