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20240227 18:12 Dale OH!, I forgot this one. Welder was fired due to improper welding on pipeline. Four miles have to be redone. Some sort of electronic integrated circuitry perhaps.
20240227 12:57 Dale A few curious things; Business is slow all over Maryland. Even Pittsburgh Pa.

My Billionaire contact just had over a millions dollars of cooper stolen from his reclamation project. He was in Florida at the time buying heavy equipment to rebuild or scrap. That trip alone cost him $50,000. Plane, motel and so on.

New sickness a Doctor called 100 day cold. Very contagious. Comes and goes.

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20240225 20:51 badanov
20240225 20:50 badanov OP2402-23-2 After Action report (Written by Google Gemini)
After Action Report (AAR)
Operation: Velikie Hydice Defense
Date: OP2402-23-2
Unit: Chernarus 9th Separate Light Rifle Brigade, Task Force
1. Situation
Friendly: A combined task force comprised of elements from 1st Battalion, 9th Light Rifle Brigade and recon elements from 19th Mechanized Cavalry Regiment was formed to intercept a separatist attack on Velikie Hydice.
Enemy: Separatist forces with unknown strength and composition, suspected to include technicals, BMPs, and potentially armor.
2. Mission
Intercept and defeat separatist attack on Velikie Hydice.
Secure key objectives: bridgehead to the northwest and river crossing to the northeast.
3. Execution
Task force moved based on intel from friendly agents and intercepted messages.
Recon elements encountered and eliminated an enemy patrol, sustaining some casualties.
Approaching Velikie Hydice, the task force encountered heavy fire from enemy technicals.
Scout 1 BRDM was destroyed, Scout 2 BRDM pulled back.
Artillery smoke missions were used to cover infantry advance while recon tanks engaged enemy vehicles.
Task force reached the southwest edge of town without further losses and began probing into the village.
Repeated artillery strikes targeted enemy approaches and locations with identified infantry threats.
Despite artillery support, enemy forces breached the northwest bridgehead, causing heavy casualties in 3rd Squad.
2nd Squad assumed responsibility for the bridgehead, then 4th Squad upon their arrival.
Enemy forces exploited the withdrawal from the bridgehead, entering the northern part of the village.
Friendly counterfire halted further enemy advance, destroying one enemy BRDM that crossed the river.
Suffering significant casualties, the task force commander ordered withdrawal.
4. Friendly Losses
Personnel: 20 (1 officer, 19 enlisted)
Equipment: 1 BRDM scout car
5. Enemy Losses (estimated)
Personnel: Unknown
Equipment: 7 technicals, 2 BMPs, 1 BRDM scout car, 1 T-34 tank
6. Observations
Effective use of combined arms tactics (recon, artillery, armor, infantry) initially achieved success.
Insufficient artillery fire safety line at the northwest bridgehead allowed enemy breakthrough.
Heavy casualties hampered the ability to secure all objectives and defend against sustained enemy pressure.
Despite the setback, enemy forces suffered significant losses, hindering their offensive capabilities.
7. Recommendations
Reinforce future operations with additional mechanized infantry and combat engineer support to improve defensive capabilities.
Conduct thorough pre-mission rehearsals to ensure effective coordination between artillery and ground forces.
Implement stricter fire discipline procedures to minimize friendly casualties during artillery fire missions.
8. Conclusion
While the task force failed to fully secure Velikie Hydice, they inflicted significant casualties on enemy forces and prevented a complete takeover of the village. The high friendly losses highlight the need for improved tactics, additional resources, and a reevaluation of future operational plans in the Sumava region.
9. Recommendation for Further Action
The brigade operations staff recommends deploying 3rd Battalion, 17th Mechanized Cavalry Regiment to Sumava next week to conduct a counteroffensive operation. This recommendation is based on the need to exploit enemy vulnerabilities exposed during this operation and capitalize on the weakened state of their forces in the region.

This is based on the Arma 3 wargame. The voice is AI generated and represents no individual, living or dead. The text of the transcript, while AI generated, is based on data provided by the channel author.
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20240223 08:26 Skidmark I wonder if there is a rocket in the crate.
20240222 02:26 badanov Meanwhile in Russia:

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20240219 10:27 badanov
After Action Report: Operation Intercept - Chernarus Region
Mission: Intercept and repel separatist offensive in Northwestern Chernarus

Date: OP2402-16-1

Reporting Unit: Chernarus 20th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment

Executive Summary:

A separatist offensive in Northwestern Chernarus was successfully intercepted and repelled by Task Force across three locations: Nizhniy Sneznyi, Obil'naya Pshenitsa, and Krasnoye Pole. While our forces sustained moderate losses, inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy, including significant armor losses, effectively halting their advance.

Key Actions:

Task Force deployed to intercept separatist forces at three designated locations.
Enemy forces launched infantry attacks using both local militia and foreign contingents (Spanish, Russian) supported by armored vehicles and aircraft.
Friendly forces effectively repelled all attacks through counter-fire and coordinated maneuvers.
One friendly ground interdiction fighter was shot down but its pilot was recovered.
Enemy gunship was destroyed by friendly armor counterfire.
Friendly losses included two BRDM scout cars, one ZU-23 AA vehicle, and several personnel casualties.
Estimated enemy losses: seven tanks, six BTR-80 APCs, two MI-8 gunships, various other vehicles, and numerous personnel.

Operation Intercept achieved its objective of repelling the separatist offensive.
High enemy armor losses are expected to significantly hinder their near-term activities in the region.
Friendly forces demonstrated effectiveness in coordinated defense against combined arms attacks.

Conduct thorough after-action review to identify and address any shortcomings in tactics, coordination, and equipment effectiveness.
Implement measures to improve communication and situational awareness across the task force.
Reinforce personnel training on combined arms engagement and counter-insurgency tactics.
Maintain vigilance and proactive intelligence gathering to anticipate future separatist actions.
Additional Notes:

Intelligence suggests involvement of foreign fighters (Spanish, Wagner Group) among separatist forces.
Recovered enemy materials may provide valuable intelligence insights.
Continued monitoring of the region is necessary to assess the long-term impact of the operation.
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20240219 06:55 SCFI Thanks badanov, that made sense now. So who is going to place the ads?

20240216 07:26 badanov Fred signed up for Google ads, but no one is placing them.
20240216 06:50 SCFI What's with the Rantberg home page? Ther'es a large white space att the top.
20240216 05:24 Dale I'm having fun with ID birth dates with people. 60's, yes!, great years. Woodstock, Kennedy assassination, Moon walk, Riots and Vietnam. I guess cold war was going on and Cuban airlift(1965). I never realized cold war went on for so many years.
20240215 17:54 badanov Growing up "I was at Woodstock" was a prime pickup line for hippie checks.
20240215 17:52 Dale My friend Joe was there and he said it was a great time. No crime. Naval medic service during Vietnam.
20240215 17:43 Dale
20240215 15:46 badanov OP2402-09-6
Chernarus 1st Army Corps commander launched a counterattack against separatist forces in northwestern Chernarus region, when he learned of an increase in separatist activities in the area. Activities included some kidnappings, some targeted assassinations, and the temporary setting of checkpoints in key areas.

Intelligence and operations staff from Chernarus 20th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment, received reports from friendly agents, and from electronic intercepts, that the separatists were planning to concentrate their efforts on three main locales: Stepnoye, Spornoye, Pshenichnoye Pole.

A task force formed from 3rd Battalion of the 20th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment was ordered to make attempts to intercept any enemy forces in those three areas.

In Stepnoye, the task force intercepted an enemy light armor force, and through its deployment managed to stop enemy armor from entering the town. However the task force commander noticed that the enemy had not sent in any infantry in support of their armor.

In Spornoye, it was the same story with enemy light and heavy armor attacking, but no infantry. After an hour, the task force commander called the operation and return to base.

There were no losses for friendly forces.

Field counts of enemy losses included six BRDM scout cars, three BTR-80A APCs, three BMPs, three UAVs, two T-34 tanks, and one heavy technical.

In the aftermath of the operation, through reports of local agents and others, it was found that the main separatist commander for the region, a former Chernarus Major, Ruslan Ivanov, had fallen ill with a stomach flu. Ivanov was so sick that he was evacuated back to Russia for treatment, leaving his senior staff, who also fell ill, to conduct his operation in his stead.

Just before launching their operation, a group of inexperienced new staff trainees had been sent to Ivanov, whom he was planning to train them to be staff officers for new operations in the region. On the eve of the operation, these inexperienced staff officers conducted the operation without any infantry.

The last report we have is that Ivanov was so enraged about the failures of the operation, the new trainees were sent back, and his senior staff, though sick, were ordered to launch a new operation.

First Army Corps commander has ordered 3rd Battalion, Chernarus 20th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment to prepare for a new operation and as little as two days.
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20240209 21:31 Ululating Platypus Thanks Skid.
20240209 20:37 3dc
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20240209 06:18 Ululating Platypus Nope, can’t make it happen. Sorry.
Trust me, nice music.
20240209 06:13 Ululating Platypus Some Paganini

20240208 23:54 badanov Some one on Facebook asked about what was the best harmonies in a music group. This was my first choice.
20240208 20:46 Frank G good tune, Bad
20240208 20:42 Frank G I don't think I've seen anything like that Biden press conference. If you didn't get chills and frightened for our nation...

"So Biden's attorneys have a point: The report does seem written in such a way as to make Biden look bad. The problem for Biden is that it is very effective at it."
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20240207 10:38 SCFI I like Skid! I certainly can't run so I'll just make sure my beer is cold for afterward!

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20240204 23:09 badanov OP2402-9-1:

CNF will cease the use of general support artillery fire (map fire) as it has been shown to be a collosal waste of ammunition and effort. The one exception to this is area denial artillery fire (cluster munitions and mine cluster.)

CNF could lay down mine and cluster artillery zones on roads east of Kozlovka and south of Pavlovo. Fast mobile reinforcements from their base near Krasnostav traveling along the coastal roads are likely to show up at these two points.

CNF will have two firing 155mm guns for direct support to aid in its encounter with Serb infantry and vehicles.

CNF will advance as tank desants (tank riders) aboard two T-72 tanks to a point near Pulkovo. If the enemy attempts to prevent this move, Pulkovo will still be the start point.

Once there, CNF desants will dismount and advance on Drozhino from the northeast, with the two T-72 tanks providing direct artilery fire support.
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20240204 09:51 Deacon Blues A tanker carrying 50,000 gallons of whiskey crashed at sea. No tern was left unstoned.
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20240201 12:45 badanov Chernarus Military Denies War Crimes in Kosovo, Controversy Erupts

Zelenogorsk, Chernarus - In a tense press conference, officials with the Chernarus Coastal Operations Group (ChCOG) vehemently denied accusations of war crimes and atrocities committed by Chernarus Defense and Naval forces in Kosovo. The charges, leveled by journalists from several publications, including the Zelenogorsk Pravda, stem from the recent discovery of a young Kosovar woman, Tatiana Meshchuk, found dead in Chernaya Bay.

Reporters pressed ChCOG officials on the cause of Meshchuk's death, the lack of public release of autopsy results, and alleged substance abuse issues surrounding the victim. Military officials deflected, offering an off-the-record glimpse of the autopsy while expressing disapproval of media reports mentioning Meshchuk's personal struggles.

The conference shifted focus to accusations of civilian massacres in Kosovo, with ChCOG placing blame squarely on separatist forces. Officials presented "hacked" materials, allegedly depicting atrocities committed by separatists, obtained during a raid on the peace group Trees for Peace, Meshchuk's employer. This move drew criticism from military analysts, who questioned the authenticity of the photos and criticized the lack of further investigation.

ChCOG countered these concerns, citing the chaotic nature of battlefield operations and the dangers of prolonged investigations under fire. Critics, however, pointed to the routine seizure of enemy intelligence, suggesting the military had ample opportunity for deeper investigation.

The press conference concluded with no clear resolution. Meshchuk's family will receive her remains next week, while the fate of potential charges against individuals or groups associated with the case remains uncertain. The incident has sparked public debate and media scrutiny, raising questions about accountability and the conduct of the Chernarus military in its ongoing conflict with separatist forces.

This is a fictional account based on the wargame Arma 3. While the text was rewritten and styled by Google Bard, the base facts were compiled by the author.
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